Multiple layers of roof

Could not get in attic, snow covered.

Can you tell from pics if bottom layer is slate or is it asphalt?

154510 A 022 (Small).jpg

154510 A 023 (Small).jpg

154510 A 021 (Small).jpg

looks like slate from my office Dave…how old was the house?

Same here Jim, but I have never seen that before. Must be a real pain in the ***** to put asphalt over slate. Why would you do that? Seriously, I would like to learn something out of this one.

I’ve never tried it myself but had a roofer tell me it was a fairly common practice…

Strange, just seems like it would be more work than it’s worth.

Built 1925

I have seen around here at least 6X.

Can you imagine the home owner, buyer, seller reaction when finding out when the had a roof leak or needed a roof tearoof and slate was under the asphalt?

Some over 100+ year slate.

Even though the garage was completly covered with snow I could tell this was done by a pro, you should see the roof structure, framing and roof drainage.

154510 A 008 (Small).jpg

154510 A 010 (Small).jpg

Nice ice dam/shield!

Have you ever seen that Jeff?

From here it looks like cedar shake or wood shingles with trim paint on it.

Yepp!!! Not that uncommon, actually. But I will say, that one was better workmanship than usual. :shock:

I was thinking the same thing Chris.

I’m going with wood shake. Edge just looks to ‘smooth’ and complete to have been slate. The breakage from nailing is terrible and should be showing as gaps here and there.
Unless the edges have no nails. And what else could you expect from an idiot that would nail shingles over slate? I’ve seen a couple of those. The broken slates and protruding nails cut through the shingles within 4-6 years.

comp over slate…what comes up in my mind rigth off the get is slate is HARD so nailing comp down into the slate…that would be a son of a bit*h

did you put your ladder up on the eve and touch it??? that would tell you what you had…my 2 cents

Thanks Frank!

David, If you’re not familiar with Frank, I consider him to be an expert on roofing.

Thanks for the replies,

I appreciate everyones professional opinions.

What is the proper method of installing asphalt over wood shake shingles?
Or did it need to be torn off?

The painted cedar theory sells me a little more. I just can’t imagine why anyone would put shingles over slate.

Complete tear-off.

Happens more than you would imagine, at least around here.

I will try to dig up a few pics later if I can find them.

It’s probably more work to try to attach to it, than it would be to just remove it.