Three layer exterior...your thoughts?

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1918 small house…


Most of the exterior cedar shingles were in very good condition. Photo is one small area where the asphalt shingles were visible.

This is what I'm putting in the report...

INVESTIGATE FURTHER: This is a tough area. The cedar shingles have been applied over a layer of asphalt impregnated fiberboard shingles (sometimes called ?beaverboard?). Judging by the fact that the window sills appear to have been widened twice, I suspect that the beaverboard was applied over the original painted wood shingles. So we now have three layers on the exterior with the middle of the sandwich an obsolete product known for retaining moisture. With the exception of the damp patch near the fireplace (noted in the Interior section), no obvious signs of problems were observed but it also needs to be noted that the interior has been recently painted. I realize that it would be impractical to suggest the entire exterior be stripped for full evaluation but you might consider having a patch or two removed for investigation. I have to recommend you seek further advice from a well qualified siding contractor.

I should probably explain the "beaverboard" shingles. I have no idea what the product is actually called, but I have a couple of neighbors who have this stuff on their homes and that's how they describe it. It's basically about 3/8" thick insulation type fiber board with a ridged asphalt coating. Nasty stuff that really soaks up mosture if the edges are damaged or exposed. The crows in our area love to hack away at it at roof-lines. If anyone has a better name...I'll take it.

I'd really appreciate thoughts on this.
BTW...The damp patch mentioned is directly below two reversed downspout connections that leak onto the wall.

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That seems to complement your theory of three layers. Maybe? ![icon_wink.gif](upload://ssT9V5t45yjlgXqiFRXL04eXtqw.gif)

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