Asphalt over slate

From today’s inspection. It’s the first time I have ever seen asphalt shingles installed over slate.

As you can see, it really did not work out to well. Along with a lot of missing & loose asphalt shingles and an exorbitant amount of nail pops, the asphalt shingles were cupping.

I would not think a competent roofer would even try this.

I’m just looking for some input.

Thanks guys.

Doesn’t really matter since those shingles are toast now.
Was the slate installed on battens, strapping or sheathing?
Amazed they were able to drive all those nails into slate without cracking and splitting.

It all has to come off.


I have never seen that done before. There is no shingle manufacturer that will warranty that type of install. Amateur at best. Recommend further evaluation by a roofing specialist.


It was sheathing. And when I was in the attic spaces, I did not see many nails that made it through the sheathing.


Already did.

Thanks guys.

People do strange things how about shingles over a metal roof .

Steel roof new shingles and asphalt.jpg


Very interesting.

Why would anyone think putting shingles over slate is a good idea?


I have seen this at least a dozen or more times in my inspection carrier. It is typically a deal killer due to the cost of removal of the shingles, slate and sometimes adding sheathing. I have even come across a few that install a 20 year asphalt on a 100+ year slate (75 year old home)

It is usually in the Cities of Cleveland and Lakewood. Seems these are the areas that have more then 2 layers of shingles installed as well.

It is a terrible idea but somewhat typical for the beautiful homes in the Cleveland and surrounding suburbs.

I know a man with double doctorates who thought it was a good idea to remove a high-quality slate roof and replace it with asphalt shingles. The roofing contractor didn’t try to change his mind, he was making money. There’s a lot of ignorance out there, and quite a few unethical contractors.