Multiple supply lines for water heater

I am a bit confused by this arrangement - Copper supply line with cut-off valve and what appears to be a secondary PVC supply line with no valve.

Can someone explain what this is about?



That is weird.
First thought was they were bypassing the old metal lines but then why leave them?

Was there a newer addition on the house?

Yes - there was a new addition - Another thing - these pictures are from 2 different water heaters.

Picture #1 is a huge FUBAR’ed mess, makes no difference what they’re trying to accomplish.


Picture one is supplying another source. One of those cold lines is supplying the tank (probably the upper one), the other is outgoing to somewhere else. The hot is a piggy back, but both are outgoing. Sloppy mess to say the least.

Don’t forget the PVC T&P discharge.

AL SE cable to water heater?

Did you read the installation instructions packet that are laying on the pipes ? LOL;)

Are they connected by the CPVC pipes?

Not that I could tell