Supply Line Question

OK. Question. I ran across this today. It is in a condo, main water supply line feeding at least two units. The line comes from the concrete floor up inside the lower unit’s bathroom wall then up to upper unit(s?). The owner had a problem with a moldy odor so he opened a little of the drywall and saw what he thought was mold and cleaned it up; the pipes were “sweating” during muggy weather so he wrapped them with cloth and made a pretty plywood cover for the whole gizmo. He now has mold for sure; the rags were damp too. ANY ideas on what to say about this one other than “get a licensed plumber now”??? This one has me a little at a loss for other words.

Forgot to include the picture

If it is just sweating, pipe insulation is all that you need. Do you need a license to install that in New Hampshire?

Thanks and Sorry, somehow that “licensed” somehow slips into almost everything I say these days. I really couldn’t tell if the “damp” was from sweat or a bad solder joint or whatever; just have to go with what the owner told me. I think what I’m confused and struggling with is: those pipes are probably “common” with the condo situation and I really have no hard evidence of why they are wet; the only thing that is technically in this guy’s unit is that valve handle that sticks out. Just something about it that has me ready to say something then I’ll say “no, that’s not right”… probably just need a little time to think about something else and then get back to it.

Water/mold + plumbing pipes= recommend plumbing contractor evaluation

I agree with Kenton.

But I have a question about your description. Do the two units share a single supply pipe? If that is the case, then they are sharing a single meter too, or am I missing something?