Multiwire circuits

Need some help with identifying multiwire circuits and there requirements.
One breaker (single pole breaker) with two hot wires exiting, two trip handles (ex. disposal and refrigerator = one breaker // General lighting and Kitchen GFCI = one breaker)
See attached picture.

Are these considered multiwire circuits, if so should they have handle ties.
Any help would be appreciated.


060506-01 019.JPG


No, that is not a multiwire circuit, as both breakers are on the same phase. an a multiwire circuit, two hots share one neutral. if those two hots were to share one neutral, the neutral would be overloaded. for a multiwire circuit, the breakers must be on seperate phases (must be full size breakers next to each other.) the neutral only carries the difference in load of the two circuits.

just to clarify----(or add to the confusion:) ) they don’t have to be full size breakers—you could skip every other mini and be on different buss bars----it can be difficult to sort out when you have a panel full of mini breakers. I also agree that the situation you pictured does not look like a multi-wire circuit.