Murray Panel

Murray 100 Amp Panel.

By design, the 100 Amp Main Breaker is in the Down position when “ON”.

Does anyone else make note of this in reporting?

Hi to all,

Joe, as that panel was correct when it was installed I would not report that issue alone.



System was installed in 1975 without any updates evident / apparant to the systems.

I pointed it out as an older type panel / installation not meeting current standards and to anticipate upgrade.

Hi Joe,

personally if the only issue with that panel was the orientation of the main, I would not have written it up. If units from the 1970’s that are otherwise OK are in need of upgrade, were the heck does that kind of statement leave us 50s/60s inspectors :shock: :shock: :shock: :wink:

Maybe we need to start putting inspector disclaimers in our reports: " Home buyer should be aware that the property was evaluated by a home inspector of 1960’s vintage, it is generaly recognised that these older units tend to be increasingly forgetfull, have poorer eyesight and are less inclined to force their aged bodies into the homes tighter confines" :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:



In regards to the ON/OFF identification. At the time that panel was produced it was UL compliant and if the ON in the down position was in place at the production and approved and listed…it is compliant.

As we know that changed over the years…in regards to the ON in the up position, but at the time this enclosure was produced it was not an issue and not really something worthy of reporting in itself alone…now their may be other issues in that enclosure to report.

Thanks Paul.