murray panels

What are your thoughts of 100 amp Murray Panels. I know they are obsolete but are they considered a hazard.

They still make Murray panels and circuit breaker. The ones in question, are they obsolete or just old?

Siemens still makes them.

What concerns do you have regarding this panel?

Even the generally recognized “usual suspects” such as FPE, Zinsco and Pushmatic were never officially pronounced a hazard by any government body (see the recent lively discussion on the subject).
I would use such a strong word only based on the factual condition of the given panel, not because of its brand. With the above three, in my report I would allude to the dominant opinion in the industry, defer to an electrician, and leave it at that.
As far as Murray goes, none of Murray panels that I’ve heard of are inherently hazardous, like others said.
If you have specific concerns or reservations, feel free to post a good photo, and we can perhaps help further.

If they are installed and wired properly, they do not present a hazard.