Murray breakers/panel Recall

I understand there may have been a recall of Siemens-Murray breakers or panels. I found info regarding a recall of equipment manufactured in June-August 2010. Is anyone familiar with this, and if so, how can I identify the equipment other than looking for date stamps; is it a style or color of breaker/panel, etc.? I know we don’t need to know about every recall for everything, but this has come up a few times now so I’d like more info.

Siemens Recalls Circuit Breakers Due to Fire Hazard.


Siemens stopped producing Murray brand panels in 2019 , but the panel design is compatible with Siemens circuit breakers. Obsolete.

Doesn’t matter… the Recall goes back to 2010 Manufacturing Date!

Just pointing out Siemens stopped producing Murray brand panels in 2019.
If you notice, the recall of equipment was manufactured between June to August 2010. How many inspectors glean panel age?
Obsolete equipment/enclosure. No longer manufactured.
That would be enough, for me, to set in motion a recommendation for further evaluation by a licensed electrical contractor.