My Bad, Disregard

My Bad, sorry.


Charles is a Certified Master Inspector.

He is listed on the CMI site.

I guess My Bad. I looked at it as nathan was using the cmi logo s His sig.

Nick my apologies. to you.

Delete thread if you want.

Thanks, and sorry.


Maybe it’s time to chill…

Worry about your own business Jim, not other inspector’s businesses. Do you think I crushed the other inspection associations by worrying about them or talking about them? Nope… I worked on InterNACHI succeeding and working at it every day:

If you took all the time you worry about what some other inspector is doing or what Nathan is saying and put it into building your business, you’d be much better off.

You could be right, but wait till you see what’s about to come out…WOW is all I can say. Get the Big Bucket of popcorn and get ready !!!


I’m guessing that’s what Kevin thought when he was putting together his IRS stuff…

Let it go…

That reminds me of an old some, called spinning wheels… LOL

My Businesses are all sweet !!! FYI I only looked at the real quick after another Nachi brother that uses some of Nates things sent me the link.

My mistake was not looking t it carefully, Thus my sincerest apologies to you and Nathan both for this on. It never happened before and never will again (hopefully).


If your success is dependent on you making someone else fail, you aren’t really successful. I’m all for crushing your competition in the free market, but do it by being better than them. This isn’t just bla bla bla on my part. InterNACHI’s membership benefits page is an example of how it’s done:

I don’t know this Kevin guy? I can’t comment on something (I don’t know) says something (I don’t know of directly) about things I know nothing 1st hand abouy.

But I do know whats coming will blow most people away…LMAO


I completely agree with you finally Nick. I do that in biz everyday just like breathing. But what I add to my success is Honesty and Integrity !!!
That is the difference. Thanks for sharing you success plan, I like it, but like mine better.


I strongly suspect Nick,Nathan,and anyone else on this planet sinks or swims independent of anything said on this forum.