add a layer to the CMI.

As INACHI grew, Can you assist the CMI ?
#1 Peer review before an acceptance.
#2 Any review before the accreditation other than criminal records.
Mike Holmes is using the idea for free.
1000 HI’S of 5 years in the industry.
No disparaging remarks please. Nothing positive to add then move along please.

Do you have a link to Mike Holmes ideas.?

CMI only means to every RE agent, is to not hire or suggest them/me, because they/I notice more defects, write detailed reports, charge large fees, and have a good chance of alarming the home buyer so that the buyer will not purchase the home, and the RE does not make his/her commissions.

Simple as that. Only the cheap, non-alarmest, new non-experienced inspectors, whom are mostly all ASHI, get suggested by the RE agents. If you are cheap, and write soft reports, you get business.

Mr. Holmes had to make money off a TV show, home remodeling/repairs, most likely because his high prices and high detailed reports scared off every RE in Canada. He is the clean-up man in Canada for the cheap, basic report/writing HI’s.

Sounds like a poor, negative excuse, and it may be different in other cities, but I have been marketing my CMI designation for years, with no increase in inspections. Having higher parameters would be a good thing, but would not increase business, at least here in KC. Sad that most agents, and the brokers who train them, have it backwards.

State licensing, pushed into play in recent years by associations and their RE association buddies, only want basic minimum standards so the inspectors can do basic, minimum reports. Mr. Holmes would not stay in business in the USA.

CMI’s these days make more money as a court-appointed professional witness, IR/commercial work, and lawyer litigation.

Why yes John.:wink:
1000 inspections or 5 years in the industry.

You forgot about the training by SNEL for IR and the Horizon Report Program so they can edit it before sending out to the Clients.
Have completed a minimum of 1000 inspections and/or 5 years experience in the industry

Looking at the sample report, one would think thier gammer and spelling would be spot on. I find it funny that Mike Holmes requires the inspector to be Level 1 but a 3 bulb outlet tester is ok:D

Good point Bruce! I do not use a SureTest but than again I don’t do Inspections like Mike Holmes Group either.

I think there is money to be made by creating a situation comedy about communication and conflicts on a home inspection message board. Sledge hammers and chain saws destroying IR cameras, ladders and laptops could be funny, along with HI’s falling off roofs. Let’s blow up some hot water heaters. Short out some electrical panels.

How fun.

Already being done on TV here! House Hazards.
I don’t think it would go well for us to try making Home Inspection funny.

thier gammer and spelling would be spot on


Look at it yourself Bryce!

Robert, I looked at Mike Holmes ideas and what about them can you not do yourself, without a CMI logo?

I do not understand you remark MR. Levy.

The question of the thread arises from observations I noted on the message board from members.

INACHI is well established throughout North America. It a self formed curriculum. Some INACHI members wish to implement change to the CMI, I have an idea or 2, so I was fielding a thought to the association members that use the MB seeing it is where the active members reside.

I like the IR cert idea seeing INACHI has a IR cert…

It is funny that Mikes 1000 HI or 5 years in the industry prereqouiste is almost the CMI prerequisite. He is a network marketed and a illusionary being.


Remember that** IF** you were ever able to bring about change to (InterNachi’s) CMI, it will never affect (not retroactive) those that have already purchased the logo, so, in effect, any change would be futile as it serves to resolve nothing!

It’s quite simple. Too much emphasis is placed on a logo. The logo does not make the inspector. Save the 1000.00 and put towards a level one course and a camera and there you have it, you are now a Holmes Inspector.
Having said that, you will see that I have my school on the CMI training list. Pure marketing at its best. I did dit because I have a competitor in NJ that is a real a-hole. He uses the CMI logo on his school site without permission and no one will do anything about it. He states his instructors are CMI’s, which is not totally true as only one is. I then decided to one-up him by saying I train CMI’s. I then point to the listing on the CMI school site. I don’t think a CMI will ever come to me for training, not when there is free stuff here.
The bigger point is screw the logo and market yourself.

Don’t use “CMI”…no consumer knows what those initials mean. Use the words written out like this:


Every consumer knows what those words imply… instantly.

Robert… notice the choice of words that Nick used. He is always very calculated when voicing a statement. Learn from that.

Jeffrey I always enjoy your examples. Now it was a simple question placed out there and I am enjoying the input. truly.


Remember that IF you were ever able to bring about change to (InterNachi’s) CMI, it will never affect (not retroactive) those that have already purchased the logo, so, in effect, any change would be futile as it serves to resolve nothing!
Grandfathering, is what you are saying to example to me ?
Everyone already titled following suit that others had to earn more rigorously. Grandfathering.
Its just idea, my thoughts at work Jeffrey, Mind charter and my eccentric way.

I agree with Nick !
No more initials on the Logo. Certified Master Inspector.
Guys a bloody marketing genius.:wink:
Your the king mate.

I am not being factious. I am looking for substance to am idea.
Thanks. truly.