This is what InterNACHI members need right now

This thread title is from the “MISC. DISCUSSION” section. Many members were discussing the change of NACHI/INACHI from an inspectors’ organization to a vendor based organization not promoting HI’s. The following claim is found in lawsuit against PHIC:

"The reasons for INTERNACHI’’s success are many, but one significant reason is that INTERNACHI does a better job of promoting the services of its members* than other trade associations"*

How times have changed!!!

2,136 Posts on the NACHI message board. For a non-member guest who thinks NACHI is “bad”, you sure do hang out here a lot, huh! Are you lonely, got no customers, or what.

Join NACHI, use the marketing tools available to members, and you won’t be so lonely!

Out of that 2,136 posts, what is the amount of people posting since it is likley that somebody posted more than once?

Uh, Kevin, look to the far right of YOUR name in your post. Or, to the far right of Brian’s name in his post.

I don’t think you’re saying that if you add up all those numbers from everyone that wrote something, it would total 2,136.

2,136 post can come from as many as 2,136 people or can be as few 5 people. I was just wondering how many people are participating which would give me an indication of how much those people are participating.

I was just wondering, nothing more.:neutral:

I think Erby is refering to the # of times Brian has posted. (took me a few min to understand it too)

Keep posting info like this there will be no FREE or almost] FREE truck for you:p:p

And ,once again I ask which other association does more,and what do they do to assist members.

I apologize. What you wrote was clear I just read it wrong for some reason. #-o

2,136 is a lot of posts.


That free truck deal is a direct benefit for “NACHI MEMBERS ONLY” from Nicks business association with General Motors. The fact that any other inspector/person on the planet can get the same deal from their local GM or Chrysler dealer is unimportant.

I have seen the ads (in other states) however, I haven’t seen any from my local GM or Chrysler dealer. :frowning:

I also haven’t gotten the details from Nick, yet. :frowning:

The free PT cruiser deal is in our area Rick.

Will you are being sarcastic , but there are many education links not availible to the outsiders,too cheap to join.

Actually, free continuing education credits are available all over the place, including but not limited to OEM’s, Municipalities, Boards of Realtors, Government Agencies, etc… For 19 years I gathered my continuing education credits for little or no cost without the benefit of NACHI.

Don’t get me wrong, the free CE’s at NACHI are great, but I pay $289 per year for them.

BTW, walk in to any GM or Chrysler dealer and offer to buy their top of the line truck at full MSRP if they’ll throw in a stripped down version of their low end base truck plus taxes, license and docs… You just bought yourself a couple of trucks. Have fun when oil goes back up to $75 next year and $100+ in a couple years. With the money we’re going to give to the UAW in the next few months, GM and Chrysler should give everyone of us a new truck…

Oh, I forgot… There’s no “FREE” lunch!

A few years ago, NACHI used to be a home inspector association, was home inspector driven and had an Education Committee that searched, gathered and approved hundreds of free on-line courses.

Periodically, they would publish links that were several pages long on just about every topic available…along with the NACHI CEUs available through their use.

Perhaps they remain in the archives.

I credit NACHI with help making my business successful, and once again to blank stares and silent lips ask what is better anywhere else and why.
The clowns come hear to knock NACHI, but offer no alternative.

Hmmmmm …more crickets.

NACHI was better than it is, today…and could be even better tomorrow, but it takes more than one man’s personal ambitions and hyperbolic ramblings.

Here is just one for instance…

I’ve been reading several threads of newer (and still hopeful) members who are looking for NACHI to seek greater credibility recognition so that, by their membership, they can achieve the same.

Another national association that I belong to announced this month that it was seeking accreditation by an independent and national accrediting agency (the National Commission of Certifying Agencies). Once accredited, the members who this home inspection association “certifies” will carry a third party national certification with the title…not just something locally created and copyrighted.

Will it do good for its members? Perhaps…perhaps not. But it is working hard in the direction that so many have been wanting to see NACHI take.

“Yes…but I got a free widget and a free framastrat…and that is worth the $289 membership fee” some say. Okay. If that is what you are looking for…a Dollar Store full of cheap stuff…you’re in the right place.

As Nick has announced…we are not a home inspection association anymore. Only those of us who have wanted it to be walk away from it in disappointment. Those purchasing access to the “Nick’s Bargain Barn” for the 10% off at Office Depot (who will be closing 300 of its stores in February)…bon apetite.

We could have been better. To make it better will not come from “thanking Nick” for the status quo. I hope there will be others who follow after I am gone to continue to challenge Nick to make NACHI what it could have been…instead of a cheap vending machine.

Unfortunately some of the members so against Licensing and control would rather switch than fight.
These are the areas of the country where some are forced to join an alternative association.
I guess one must do what one must do as it is far easier to just rest and give in.

Knocking NACHI somehow makes surrender more palatable
Good luck to the weak, as they may still be eaten.

Fortunately this is not true in the majority of our country , where branding never worked ,with consumers that have half a brain.

NACHI is strong in ASHI’s own National Headquarters area and shall remain so.

The members here make sure of it ,and do night go quietly into the night.

Must be nice ,to just fill out a check and become a certified member .

Perhaps you’re blinded by negativity. Nick’s a complicated and facinating individual, who single-handedly revolutionized an entire industry that was blinded by an obsolete mind-set. Other organizarions still can’t seem to “see” what he has done, and why NACHI’s has become so successful. I tried CREIA, I tried NAHI, found both wanting, and joined NACHI. My actions speak louder than my words. Several years ago, I wrote in my book Inspect and Protect something that I still believe to be true:
As a veteran inspector, it is my belief that he [Nick Gromicko] has done more for inspectors than any other individual in the history of the inspection industry, and I’m proud to thank him publically.
I guess my book makes me a vendor, but Nick was the one who encouraged me to write it, and share my experience with “his” inspectors, and he never once profited in any way from it. He’s no savior, but who else do your know who can equal what he’s done for inspectors?

Wast of time and money. Sounds a lot like branding.
I have a State License and no real need for any assocaition. :smiley:

I can you a few better, Keith. I did CREIA, NAHI, AAHI, SPREI, ASHI, and HIF. All of them, well, it’s holiday time so I’ll be nice.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t discover NACHI until my 18th month in business. Been here ever since, even though some have tried to run me off, including one now who seems to be somewhat anti-NACHI. Wow! I remember his first 100 posts, how they were so anti-Russel and pro-Nick, and yet I was never anti-Nick, just realistic-Nick. It took me eight months to discover what it has taken him five years to discover. Alas, all’s well that ends well.