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Keep up the fight Jim. At least it gives you something to do with all your free time. My clients could not be happier with my service and all that is provided with the service.


Are you a user of My Engineer on Call?

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They (the State of South Carolina board officials) have already written me and advised that the owner of the site has agreed to modify their product. Let’s see how Thornberry spins this. :smiley:

Until they make the changes … and apply for and receive the required license that he published that he was not required to have … the cease and desist order remains in effect.

Just remember this … he has been soliciting and promoting “My Engineer on Call” for over a year as being “100% compliant”. Is it? Or did he lie?

If he was telling the truth … the offerings under the modified site will be identical to those in the existing site and all he had to do was pay an $80 fee. Was this all just the result of “misinformation” being provided to the state like he says it is, or was his service actually inconsistent with state law and did he have to modify it to be compliant? Is he lying on this thread as he has lied about this service in other publications where he promoted it … or is he telling the truth about it? Are his claims about his other products equally unreliable? Let’s see how this turns out.

In the meantime, inspectors who are participating with his kickback program and are selling their clients’ personal information to him and collecting compensation for their clients’ future purchases, would be wise to check with their state licensing board to see if this activity is consistent with their own state laws.

Why aren’t you going state by state trying find something on him?

This isn’t about any one service. This is all about the provider. This just happens to be the Service Du Jour the man is whining about.

Because, with the possible exception of his own actions by personally providing this engineering service to his neighbor in Indiana (which he quickly deleted from his Facebook page when he discovered the possible ramifications), he is not necessarily doing anything “illegal”. It is not necessarily “illegal” in North Carolina for him to encourage inspectors in North Carolina to provide a service that may not be compliant in their state. It is only when the inspector in North Carolina provides the service to a citizen of North Carolina that those officials will act, if it is not compliant with their laws … and when they act, it will be against the inspector and not the service provider or promoter.

Likewise, paying you a kickback for the home buyer’s personal information that you sell to him from Virginia may not be “illegal” for him to offer or to pay … but it may or may not be acceptable to those in your state for a licensed inspector to participate in it.

In other words … the compliance issues are not necessarily always his problem … but they can be yours. In this regard, it is relevant and important to know … prior to purchasing such services like MEOC … that the business, itself, is not compliant in its own state in spite of the public and private assurances that have been made by Thornberry to the contrary.

This is why inspectors are encouraged to check with their own local authorities before participating in these lead harvesting activities and not rely upon message board posts, personal assurances made to them by phone or email, or any other outside source … before linking their businesses and themselves to these types of activities.

Besides … he is lying about the “misinformation” or he would publish it, now. All I did was call the board in the state where the business was operating, provide them with the link to the MEOC site and asked if it was compliant. All of the “information” that they used to determine its noncompliance came from www.myengineeroncall.com which, according to them, is being modified by Thornberry to fall in line with their requirements. Until he does, and applies for and is issued the required license that he published to be unnecessary, the cease and desist order remains in effect.

Anything anyone does in their business should be vetted and verified before implementing into their business model. You have provided this sound advice on multiple occasions.

The month after month after month after month after month postings is just you trying to discredit the vendor and his services. It’s personal and you know it. Personally I think you have done way more to promote the man and his services than he ever did here.

I do appreciate the advice months ago on checking with counsel on the services I choose to implement. I did and feel better knowing that I am providing great home inspection and services for my clients.

Your business is heavily branded with his lead harvesting products and I genuinely understand your position. I would do nothing to try to convince you to do differently.

Do you also purchase engineering solutions from him and resell them to your clients?

My business is associated with many successful entities that help me provide an excellent package to my clients. This includes my association with HIP, InterNACHI, ISN, HON, etc…

I do not use that service, but I know if I did I would feel completely comfortable doing so. The vendor of that service is a great business person offering great services.

When I came into this business five years ago I had business cards made advertising myself as a certified home inspector. I did this because I was certified by AHIT and then InterNACHI.

In the state of Virginia you cannot advertise yourself as a Virginia State Certified Inspector unless you pay their fee. Although I did not advertise myself as state certified I had new cards made dropping the certified.

I guess it’s a good thing that there wasn’t some knuckle head with too much free time on his hands trying to tell the world that I was a liar and anything I said must be a lie.

The vendor you take issue with did not become the success he is my side stepping around anything. It’s a pity that you are so overcome with distaste for him and his services that it is taking up so much of your life. Keep it up though, I enjoy the show :slight_smile:

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And just what are you looking for nathan? :roll:

Ok, amusement is over for the month. I will return to the same discussion here next month if it hasn’t moved on to another thread :slight_smile:

Mr. Bushart,

Thank you for providing this. That is a very interesting development! It is very atypical that a State or Federal licensing agency would resort to such an action as a “Cease and Desist” order for some small transgression of their rules/laws. It has been my observation that instead the agency would first provide the transgressor the opportunity to correct what ever the deficiency was. The agencies generally would rather keep this type action out of the records for such small issues. That leaves the question as to what more has occurred that has lead the South Carolina Engineering licensing agency to resort to such a significant step as this?

For those that might question the validity of this order it can easily be found here http://www.llr.state.sc.us/POL/Engineers/index.asp?file=finalorders.htm . You should also understand that when a licensing agency takes this step they do not do this on the word of one person so this is not an axe grinding action. These agencies do investigate these types of issues before they resort to such actions.

I believe Mr. Bushart also made the following statement(s) in bold below.

As a consumer I would most certainly hope that the members of this association do not condone any type of questionable activity by any member. However I continually see other members trying to “shoot the messenger” and discredit those trying to perform a function to protect me the consumer. Mr. Bushart has already suggested that the other members, in other States, contact their licensing agency and ask them about any such service and post the questions and responses here. I would fully expect that other Home Inspectors would protect the image of their association by doing just that. Whether Mr. Bushart is right or wrong does not matter but what does is the image of your association and the brands you are using. Again as a consumer with other members’ silence (as noted above) I would have no choice but to expect others are guilty by association alone (no pun intended) without any efforts by other members!

OK Nathan, I’ve got to know. Are Jim Bushart and John Biggs the same person? Is there proof? It looks like Biggs has a legitimate business. This is all very laughable to me and should be embarrassing for the “Haters”, but the topping on the cake would be if Bushart were corresponding with himself.:shock::roll::mrgreen:

If Nathan had proof.

He would post it.

Get it?

Thornberry has made many false and misleading claims. His claim that Mr. Biggs and I are the same person is equally as false as his claims concerning the legitimacy and compliance of his scams.

If you want to know where these posts are originating from … have Nick or Chris Morrell look at the IP addresses for each of them. You will then have definitive proof whether it is me who is lying … or Thornberry lying about this, too. In fact, if I correctly recall … people who make up a fake identity and are caught doing so can be permanently banned for doing so. Tedesco and Wand tried that a few times and were caught. That would be a great way for Thornberry to get rid of me if it were actually true and not just something he needs to fabricate to help him distract you from his lies.

The poor kid is up to his neck in so many lies and misrepresentations that he can no longer keep track of them … but I am reminded that both he and you, Mr. Welch, claimed that “businesses do not need to be licensed” which, I believe, the State of South Carolina has investigated and found to be untrue … at least in the state where this particular business is incorporated and conducts its business. While you may have been simply mistaken in your opinion, Thornberry (on the other hand) claimed to be publishing assurances that he had coordinated with various legal professionals. He is either lying or appears to be hiring professionals as grossly incompetent as he is.

Anyway, Nick or Chris can tell you in short order if the same party is posting for any two message board identities … assuming that you* really* do want the* real* answer.

Exactly … much like he would if someone had actually “misinformed” the State officials that ordered the cease and desist order that shut him down.

Right now, he is scrambling to do what he should have done prior to promoting the service as being “100% compliant” and modifying the service so that it can be considered compliant with South Carolina law. When that happens, he will apply for the required license that he said was not required. After all that, he will undoubtedly publish how this was all a “minor issue” that he just had to straighten out with an $80 fee. LOL.

None of that changes the fact that he has been promoting and soliciting members to participate in a service that was not compliant in spite of his repeated assurances that it was.

Now, it is anybody’s guess as to what other undiscovered compliance issues are to be discovered as members begin to question their own state officials about this and other products and services.

Please keep us updated Mr. Bushart. Are there other states where this fleecing of the public is non-compliant with applicable laws???

Yes, sir. Thornberry has published multiple assurances that this service is “100% compliant” when, as South Carolina has officially published, it is not.

To know if this service is compliant in his own state, the prudent inspector will send a copy of the link - www.myengineeroncall.com - to authorities in his own state and inquire if those services described therein are compliant with the laws in his state … and only upon their written assurance that it is, should he engage in them.

Even after the services have been modified and the website has been changed so that this business can be compliant in its own state, should they be able to someday become licensed … one should still have the information reviewed by their own officials and not take it for granted that the same changes made to become compliant in South Carolina will be applicable to their own state, as well.

I would also advise inspectors who are contemplating participation in the sale of their clients’ personal information to Thornberry, and receiving kickbacks on their purchases of alarms systems, to consult their state home inspector licensing officials to see if this financial gain from the sale of their clients’ personal information is compliant with their state’s licensing laws.

Personal message board assurances, private telephone calls and emails, and other guarantees have proven to be less than totally reliable and there is much to lose for the inspector who takes a chance … and is wrong, IMO.

Nathan has said many times that there are 4 states that are non-compliant. But he has never identified which 4 those were.