My favorite HOT DOG is

a Nathan’s, with mustard and relish.

Whats yours?

Most any good quality dog with onions, jalapeño peppers and brown mustard and NO Catsup.

Minus the peppers, minus the mustard (allergic), add ketchup!!!

If you never had a “Real Chicago Dog”, don’t even respond to this, ‘cause you don’t know what you’re talkin’ about!!!

Hebrew National. Or we have a few places that make their own on site and those are always great.

Gold Coast (Vienna Beef) char cheddar with everything and an order of fries.

Catsup is for kiddies. :wink:

Anybody remember Lums steamed in beer

If I wanted a salad with my dog, I’d order a side salad. :wink:
Chicagoans are an interesting anomaly :wink:

Chicago Polish (Vienna)–irredescent green relish, lots of mustard, onions, two small slices of tomato, and Michael is so right–NO CATSUP–

…or bad meat…:wink:

Are you serious liking that NY piece of cr-p ?
It even looks ugly.
Get your self a good Chicago Dog loaded with everything and some nice greasy French Fries.(crinkle cut)

Too many places with good dogs all over the city to choose from so download the Hot Dog locator app from i tunes which of course list Vienna Dogs only as it should.
Find it on that links home page.



Hot Dog locator.jpg

Oh, yeah…

and DO NOT forget the poppy seed bun!!!

…of course not Jae.
Just came in from inspection and a hot day with no food in my belly since last night so guess what I am running out for right now?
See ya later.:slight_smile:

Should I take a photo?

Sure, take a photo, and add it to the string…:smiley:

and I really do like Chicago dogs as well,
there’s a place in Denver called Steve’s Snappin Dogs.:stuck_out_tongue:
and they have a good one called “Steve’s Jersey Dog” that’s a kickin meal

Steve's Jersey Dogs in Denver.jpg

Steve's Jersey Dogs in Denver.jpg

Just got back and they had already put it in the bag darnit but I told them I wanted it back out on the tray and they obliged.

Went to the closest place that had Vienna Dogs and it sure was tasty.

What is that weird stuff on your hot Dog or is that a Jonesville Bratwurst which actually goes with sauerkraut ?

Here is a real set of shots from just minutes ago.

I went over to Mr Beef that Jay Lenos always brags about and tried their Hot Dog for the first time.(sorry Jae,no poppy seed buns there)



Can’t wait for the next trip to AZ for a Sonoran Hot Dog.

I don’t see no celery salt on there Bob! It’s just not the same without!!

And if no poppy seed buns, it may as well be from Jersey.

Celery salt?
Poppy seed?(what are you ,a hippy)?

Actually I normally just eat my dog with Mustard,chopped onion and Ketchup.

Go ahead and attack my manhood but I love a touch of Ketchup on there and usually add a couple fries in the bun.
I got the boatload for the picture.

Holy Cow Condo (Fat) Bob!!! Do you eat those every day??? They do have the fat free ones 'ya know.:p:p

Ya guys are a bunch of sick puppies eating that crap real men eat beef straight off the hoof not something swept off the floor and wrapped in pig gut. They use every piece of meat from eye lids to the squeal to make hot dogs ya should see them being made ya would quit eating that junk