Pictures from crazy inspection

I just wanted to post a couple shots from a restaurant inspection I did yesterday for a client who is looking to lease the facility. I had a commercial electrician with me doing the inspection and he said that this builing would be the ultimate electrician training facility. First picture is of live 100amp service conductors feeding a sub panel, notice how well the are protected and hung neatly off the metal pumbing lines. The second is of a live open box on the kitchen floor under a leaky stainless steel sink. And just a couple more for humour. Stopped counting at about 50 open junctions. The owner said the building has passed all code inspections:roll: and he had no idea that there was so much wrong. The plumbing was another fun issue all together. Am I just being too picky?:mrgreen:

Wether your buying or leasing, your best investment is always an inspection. For those doubters shame shame. As for the recent code inspections WHAT EVER. Why do people try to pull one over on us.

That pipe insulation looks like it might be asbestos.

Linas that was noted in the report, there was very little of it and it was far from the worst part with the plumbing. Troy the electrician told the owner that if an electrical safety inspector was to inspect the building that the local hydro company would pull the meter. Gas lines were not properly marked or with proper shutoffs, what a nightmare. I should have charged more!

Wouldn’t that be great charge based on the amount of defects, What a concept. If that was case we would all be laughing all the way to the bank

Nice pics Jerry, I also agree with Linas, possible ACM.

Gonna have to start callin you the Deal killer pretty soon Jerry!! thanks for sharing.

Personally i think it looks ok , easy access to all electric connections, You can hang your trouble light from loop in wires . and as for asbestos good fire protection.
Btw i am kidding great Pictures thanks for sharing


It sounds like the nightmare I had last month, a 21 rooms Inn’s with commercial kitchen, dining room, bar, laundry room and banquet rooms…

I didn’t get an electrician because I knew that after opening one distribution panel that I would recommend an electrician…and I did.

There is so much regulations when it comes to commercial kitchen that it would simply be too much to list here but I was lucky as the gas supply to the appliances was turned off; also the refrigeration (walk-in coolers, freezers were all off (the Inn was vacant). When the sink hand washing tap was turned on the floor drain overflowed…this Inn’s was on septic!

I disclaimed fire code issues and inspected only three random units to keep costs down for my client to which he was happy with.

It took me five hours to do this inspection not to mention writing the report.


Would you have already requested to see previous inspection documents as part of the commercial inspection. just asking possibly not part of the inspection agreement. Hope you made good money lot of hazards.

Just asking? If it is a commercial building shouldn’t the wiring be done in conduit?

What is picture 4 ?

clothes chute?

This laundry chute which was two floors above a concrete floor was accessible by anyone including small child and is a fire hazard.

As for the electrical wiring not being in a conduit, my guess is it depends on the situation/location; I’ve seen wiring with and without conduits.

Good point Terry,

If you can get any coop from the owner… It’s great to be able to speak to people who have performed maintenance, tenants generally remark as to how current owner is handling issues etc…

I try to get a head’s up well in advance so as to speak to anyone I can in connection with building etc.


That laundry chute is a hazard. A small kid would fit into it.