My last day with iNACHI...

you bad guys better get your last licks in, while I’m bending over! :wink: It was fun…pullin your chains! To the rest…I enjoyed it…thanks for the kind words and prayers. :D:DAlso thanks for the info learned. :cool: Good luck and Happy Trails, Ken :smiley:

Quitting Home Inspection Ken?

Are you quitting inspections, or just Nachi?

Hope to see you on the board, Ken.

Kenny, When did you get paroled?


All my friends call me Peter, so can you!

No, I’m not quitting inspections.

As in Dick?

Michael the name is Peter. Its not Dick. The only Dick here is currently in your hands!


Who is Raymond?

Your only real lover.

Just wondering, my Nachi days are numbered too.

Like I said the name is Peter. Do you have a sexual issue? Viagra is now in a suppository form. Take your wrist watch off before you self administer!

Prove it Ray.

Who is Ray?

Might want to rethink that Chris. Got a email today from a potential client. He asked if I was licensed because his contract states if he doesn’t hire a licensed HI he won’t have the opportunity to get his earnest money back in the event the deal goes south. I informed him there is no such thing as licensed HI’s in MO. I then sent him my certification link and once he saw that he was happy and we scheduled.

What’s this like your 10th fake account this week?

Clever screen name Ray. I suggest you go with “Ray Magic Stick” after you lose this one.