? For Busshie

Busshie… Been enjoying you taking a turn on exposing nachi/nick for what it is.
Gotta ask. What was it that made you see the facts , and start to disclose them?
Just a few months ago you were a cheerleader for nick taking PA inspectors homes for exposing the same truths, a couple years ago you did everything you could to stop the facts from being exposed on the nonachi blog…

Not complaining just asking a question.
In fact keep it up it, it sure gives others that are committed to our profession, to take a breather.:wink:

Oh BTW I got my monthly, love mom, with all the laced profanity, reddie yesterday, :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Mom always liked you best! :smiley:

Keep it up boys. I gotta go grab a beverage before the show hits prime time. These threads are hilarious.:mrgreen:

Bushie ,Harry,and McNasty.
Reminds me of the three stooges, Dewy,chetum and Howe.

Really does, doesn’t it?

Good luck… Three members spoke up and saw what you are seeing, and tried a few years ago. JP. RR and ?? with no success.

Since then select new members 1-3 yrs exp] are becoming venders, education providers, and instant certifiers.

I agree back pre-2006 you could find good info from new members like Jeff P… seasoned inspectos like Joe H. and others.

Now the majority of this board is used as a bashing site of other inspector orgs by the ED, a bragging board of how smart and good some new inspectors , now turned venders are, opposed to sharing inspection info to help others.

Nah busshies not that fast. I gave him a 1/2 hr plus notice on the other topic :wink:

I don’t bash other associations ever. Show me an example. If you are talking about PHIC, we keep winning in court. What would you have me do? Tell our attorneys to intentionally lose? www.nachi.org/phicscam.htm

There you go confusing people again with actual FACTS…I think this is a very good orginization to belong to. You can’t please all the people all the time.

I didn’t say those words, but I wish I did. :wink:

Anyway, calling a diploma mill a diploma mill isn’t bashing. If you can think of a more accurate description for ASHI, I will forever use it.

Guys, what is the big deal with which association you are a member of? I joined the association to interact with, learn from and hopefully help some of my fellow home inspectors, not to be “certified” or anything else. I don’t need an association to tell me I am a good or bad inspector. The clients will let you know that.

My membership was to have a place to discuss real inspection issues, not to brag about or discredit one organization or the other. If you are a good inspector the association makes no difference unless you need to hide your inadequacies behind a the association label.

I believe most of this mumbo jumbo about which association is best is just vendictive and hurts the industry as a whole. IMHO.

Sometimes it sounds like children arguing over who has the best imaginary friend. Big Deal! Let’s all work together to make our industry respectful and professional.

I have never booked or lost an inspection because I was or was not a member in any of the associations. I am running a business not trying to prove to the world that one association is better than another.

If we all speak and perform professionally we will all get the respect we have earned and not have to argue about it. It’s not what association you belong to that matters. Its the client’s opinion that matters.

Just my 2 cents worth!

There are some posts missing in this thread. Why were they deleted and who deleted them?

They were mine and I did not delete them. They were neither libelous or pornographic.

Apparently, Mr. Gromicko has unilaterally ended our agreement.

The blog, along with the deleted posts, will be up and running this evening.


Some have been granted secret operative deletion access controls and literally sit at their computers all day with a ha** on. Did you notice the tags for this thread? The same ones that bitched about them are the only ones who have access to them. Nick has lost total control of this association.

Yes, I’ve noticed. It seems nachi is beoming what most of us older members detested…

Nicely said Joel!!

I have not been an angel myself over the years, but I hate to see the deterioration. There was a time I couldn’t wait to get home and be a part of this community. Sure we had some good fights back then too but things just are not the same. For those of you who have only been here 2-3 years you have no idea how much things have changed so please stop acting like you do.

Well Blaine, at least we know how it was decided. :smiley:

NACHI board.jpg

From the time I first found this board, something didn’t add up with the Cheap’n Easy “certifications” and all the free shiny items to bedazzle. Slowly for a while and now more quickly recently, I’ve seen truths revealed and then posts/threads deleted. Has this org really changed or is it that the truth is just now coming out of the bunker?

You guys tell me!

There is a sense of mistrust in the air. I sense everyone on pins and needles trying to figure what in the world is going to happen next. This is sad because it’s very hard to rectify.