Im Still Alive! =)

I decided not to renew my NACHI membership, but will still be active on the board from time to time.

If anyone wants to continue with the link exchange I started in the marketing fourm…

Please email me your links and verbiage.


See ya all around. Happy inspecting!

You will be missed Peter.

Best of Luck

Missed…he saved $289.00--------:lol:

There isn’t anything in the members only section worth 289 is there?----:lol:

Pete, I’ll get with you this weekend and exchange link information, I have 5 sites.

Hope your doing great…!!!

No more Whack-A-Mole on the roof of a limo while driving thru LV?
Peter, you are great for creating memories - Thanks!

Any reason you can tell about?

Glad you checked in. Stay safe and dry if you can.


Good luck Peter!

Stay safe and in touch.

As a business owner, I feel I make decisions that will benefit MY business and success,… I’ve come to the realization, my business is NOT to promote a national association brand, but my own brand - “Realty Check Inspection Service”. In the recent past, the owner of NACHI has begun to force a heavy hand on members (and vendors from what I read) who decided to become duel members in other associations. Who really cares how many professional associations I or any other business owner belongs to?? Well,… for Nick and NACHI its a huge thorn in their side and he takes it personal… thats really too bad.

Well good luck with your business decision.
I see you are already an associate member of ASHI.

Best of luck Peter, stay safe.

Not “already” have been for two years…

Must be close to the 250 mark.

I have no problem with how anyone does what’s best for them.
Please keep my link, though you should have mentioned this the other day ,as some may not have linked.

Good luck Pete I have always appreciated your comments.

I’ll be happy to remove it Bob,… no worries.

Peter, are you sticking with ASHI or letting that expire too? Is it more of a distaste for NACHI or feeling that you don’t need to tout any association?

Good luck Pete. Watch out for them dump ducks!!!

  1. Right now my ASHI membership is still active,…
  2. If you have duel membership, Nick treats you like a non member and ineligible for benifits,… anyways so why send him money to only be treated like crap?
  3. I’m pretty sure I will renew my membership with ASHI next year…
  4. The way I see it, by Sept. we will only be liable for our states SOP and COE’s once licensing has started. Licensing is going to be $600-$800 dollars sooo I can use what I would have waisted on NACHI membership (to use the msg. board, see #2 above) and that way licensing fee wont be much of a burden.

Makes sense. $600-$800 huh? Where’d you hear that? Are you going to be grandfathered in?

seems to be the estimated figure other local inspectors here in Oly/ Lacey are hearing. I’ll know more by the 22nd.

Starting my 5th year with roughly (last time I checked) 1,300 inspections completed, Im pretty sure Im grandfathered. =)

1st license will be $680 for a two year period. It also looks like the NHIE will be the test so with those fees of about $225 or so, first year “grandfathered” inspectors can expect to pay about $900-1000.

Non-grandfathered inspectors will have a much greater cost. 120 hours actual classroom time, 40 hours of ride-alongs. Figure another $2000-$4000 for the 120 hour classroom course and who knows how much seasoned inspectors will be charging for ride-alongs.

But that all depends on when the classroom courses will be approved. Nothing like not meeting the grandfather requirements and having to shut down business until the classroom time, ride-alongs and test are completed. The cost could be lower at some colleges but the time frame is much greater. :shock: