My NACHI membership certificate

I am a new NACHI member and the state needs my NACHI membership certificate to complete my licensing. I have e-mailed fastreply@nachi but got no response yet and no fax has been made to the state. I can’t find on the website where you download it yourself. Is there a link to that for members someone can tell me about?

Robert, I don’t think you can download a copy of the certificate. You might want to call the office and see if they can fax a copy to you until you receive a copy in the mail

Nonsense. Our system is set up such that all emails are answered in order received. There is no way that we did not respond to your email (unless you just sent it this afternoon). Every email received at is answered.

Got it, it came this afternoon…

Nick Gromicko
National Association of Certified Home Inspectors
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Sent: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 3:42 PM
Subject: I need a copy of my membership certificate faxed please!!

I need it faxed to Phyllis Thomas with the Alabama Building Commission @(334) 353-7948. My name is Robert M. England and I’m a new member and I need this for my state license. I have inspections lined up and I need that license and this is all they need. Please notify me by E-mail when you have faxed it. This is very important. Thank you. --Robert England

Thanks Nick.