New Certificate Features!

Hi all!

I’ve just uploaded some new features to the education system. We have a lot of members who work in multiple states, some of which have different license numbers and certificates. Now, I’ve made it so you can download from any state you want!

Just enter your license number, choose the state, click “Submit License Number”, and you’ll see an additional link for your state. In addition, I’ve listed the license numbers for every state you have, along with an edit link, so you can make sure they’re accurate.

Of course, if the state doesn’t issue license numbers, or the course is not approved, you can use the standard InterNACHI course certificate.

Let me know if you have any questions or issues!

Thanks Tim!

Tim, please excise my ignorance, but where do you enter your license numbers to have them on the certificates?


Hi -

There’s a form right on the certificate download page. Or you can use this page to manage them:

It will not let me edit or enter my Home Inspectors License #HI549, it currently lists my GC & municipal inspectors # but when I try to add my HI or edit one of the others it does not allow and says I already have one listed for the state of FL

Tim, thanks again. I have 1 other question. Some states like Virginia offer what they refer to as a Certification. Most home inspectors in Virginia don’t even get it for whatever reasons, But some like me do. It is Virginias only way top show clients, agents etc… that you are in fact a Certified Home Inspector that at least meets their requirements.

My question is can you aadd a field that calls it Certification # as opposed to License # I did that on my signature here and got ridiculed by a few and called a liar (even Nick) even though in reality I had more certifications in VA then them.

This had a negative/damaging effect on my business and my credibility when in fact even the Commonwealth calls it a License/ Certification on their own renewal forms they send out to their Certified Inspectors, thus I was only calling it what they call it themselves.

Anyway this has prompted me and a few others to start a marketing campaign in VA to Brokers and the Media and will be making an issue about Virginia Certified Inspectors vs non Certified inspectors.

It would be cool to have that ability . If not no worries Bro you always rock!!


I can make Virginia certificates show “Certification #” instead - no issue. I’ll let you know when it’s done, later today.

Thanks Tim you rock as usual


OK, check out your VA certificate now!

OK Tim that works great, now another question, is there a way to have the certificates print with all our stae license certicications on them as opposed to separate certificates for each state?


Hm… Not currently, but that’s an idea that I haven’t considered. I’ll talk it over with Nick and Chris and then let you know.

Thanks tim, it would be cool to be able to list multiple state licenses/certifications on one certificate.

Thanks for all your help


I put them all on one line, separated them with a comma.

Hi Preston -

The system only allows for one license entry per state, and it will use that on the certificates. If you need multiple numbers, Joseph’s suggestion is a good one.