My new IR Ride & My Banker

Hey Russel how would this work in Fla gets one on the job site in a hurry we were just playing around at 112 MPH over the airport and it seem Like we were crawling. I am exploring expanding my IR business into aerial went up today and shot some images at the airport just to see how my camera performs at 200 feet me thinks I am going to like this gig

![Ka IR Airport 9-16-11 007.jpg|640x427

![Ka IR Airport 9-16-11 003.jpg|640x427

![Ka IR Airport 9-16-11 011.jpg|640x427

![Ka IR Airport 9-16-11 009.jpg|640x427

I can’t beat that! But does it have a bathroom in it?..LOL

Sure does its called a 16oz plastic coke bottle and a funnel and just let it drop:D:D

Charley My hat is off to you. Congrats my friend. Good things happen to good people. Keep me up to date. Did you get it yet or just testing that waters?

Russell I can not fly a Kite my plan is to rent this chopper and pilot and just advertise on his and my web sites aerial Thermography one might say we are tag teaming up I get excited about new things

Sure looks like fun Charley.:slight_smile:

Charley it was Albert Einstein who said “imagination is more important than knowledge”. I love how you think beyond the box and think BIG.

Big thinkers get big payoffs. Once again, I wish you all the best. Who knows, maybe it can happen here in Florida as well. I am never opposed to new ideas an new ventures.

Indeed! Well Said Russell

Good job Charlie. Good strategic partnership.

If you really want freedom try it this way:

Chuck my pilot has a chopper stationed on Padre Island we could fix you up also less you are afraid of height;-):wink: really wanting to expand this nation wide he is willing to send aircraft even to Dayton Ohio seems there is a pretty good thermographer living up that way and I hear there is a couple in AZ and one in Nashville sometimes even in Shy Town:mrgreen::mrgreen:

How can you possibly afford that if you’re doing $199 inspections? :mrgreen:

Hay, where’s the “red hat”?!

U went up w/o THE hat?! :shock:

Charley, You take Vi with you on the Chopper …?

Nice brother, Nice…!

Sure did,she went up with us Not only is she a used house sales person as some refer Realtors to but my banker also especially when she gets 7% on her sales:twisted::smiley:

I left it in the truck its to valuable to take a chance of loosing it;-):wink:

Do not take this the wrong way but i think Sean thought of this before you, He was sighted on 75 going to a inspection .

Try this one Wayne, one seater with a straight pipe and trying to shoot IR would be a little hard;):wink:

![Ka IR Airport 9-16-11 015.jpg|640x427

![Ka IR Airport 9-16-11 014.jpg|640x427

That one would fit in the back of your truck! :wink:

I got no qualms about flying. Good to know we have a semi-local option next time I get a chance to bid a big rooftop. Can I borrow your camera though? I’d hate to drop mine.:wink: