Did I say I like helicopters

First digital pic was of what appeared to be a hospital on the flight over to the subject building that was to get the roof scan that my Grandson and I performed last evening.
I am so glad that I made the business decision to not pursue the energy side of this business BPI and or Resnet was high on my list a few years back but decided to take the roof and electrical scan road instead and it is pay back time with the jobs I have been picking up. My decision was based solely on the thought that a business is doomed to fail from the get go if the government has any input into how you perform your business

Did I say I like Helicopters,my pilot was a 26 year old shining star great kid

8405 R Kellogg Wichita 4-16-12 Roof Scan 004.jpg

Nice! When was the last rainfall prior to the roof shot?
Kinda neat how the cap for the parapet wall reflects the temperature of ‘space’.


Had a nice rain Saturday night late and I shot Monday evening

Nice image. That’s a pretty wide span. What span did you use for the actual inspection shots?

Were you hanging out an open door or window? If open did you have a harness? Did you tether your imager? Any idea regarding FAA regs for this kind of thing or do you rely on the pilot to maintain compliance? I have never done any aerial imaging myself so I am curious.

Be careful Charley, you’re going to end up on the terrorist list.

I was pretty shocked to learn of just how few regulations there were pertaining to helicopters and airspace. As long as you announce the general airspace your planning on playing around in than you can basically do as you please. Having such few restrictions that go along with flying choppers is really neat compared to all that apply to airplanes. Pilots have told me they’d get as close to any commercial building as I ever wanted, basically anything but land on the building. One time my instructor let me fly about 75 feet directly over the cars going down the interstate doing 80 mph. I bet those cars below us were freaking out.

As long as you aren’t within a certain distance of the airports incoming and outgoing airspace, announce each time you go from one airspace to another, and stay out of “no fly” zones, your basically “above the law”

Chuck I was in a Robinson 22 the door was removed for me and yes we were wearing seat belts. I leave the regs up to the pilot I tell him ahead of time the address and he insures there is no air space problems. On this shot we were in the air space of a air force base and due to the tornado damage they had we were required to get special permission to fly into my area.

Very easy to get a image out the door the pilot just tips the rudder and banks the chopper very little vibration and don’t have to lean very far out the air craft. I love that kind of work I just bid 15 buildings in Austin Tx all roof scans from a helo

Not hardly I call the local police before hand and inform as to what we are doing even on a walk at night roof scan. Not my first Rodeo

I do the same Charley. Has kept me out of trouble. We were reported as a suspicious persons on the roof. My safety helper was shocked the popo’s actually climbed up the ladder to verify we were who we had told them in the phone call.