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Got my NY lic number today,ny is working quick took 5 days, does anybody know if you have 4 inspectors in your company do they all need to be lic seperate or can they work under my lic. thanks


 According to the law it says all inspectors individually needs to be licensed.  Or working under a license inspector (on the same job) for the mentor program. 


what is the mentor program. Is ny having interm or permit for new inspectors like ct.

After a person does the schooling he has to do 40 hours under a license inspector. The schools are setting this up in thier programs.


Indentured Servitude…


  I think it is all in the attitude of the inspectors.  The one good thing is we as License Inspector can not send other inspectors out to do the job.  It is against the regulations.  I personally know I would not mind helping other people but I will not allow anyone to go on their own.  You can loose your license and be charged with a misdemeanor.  

Before anyone gets into this they should know the law. Plus the schools all has to have this set up in thier modules of teaching students. Ask Bill.


Only 40 Hours in New York?

Currently 100 Hours in PA.

Also No E&O Requirement in New York (PA & NJ both require E&O).

New York Legislation looks Good on the surface but has no Teeth.


You need to read the law before you say that remark. I think it has a good set of teeth once it gets going. E&O is not the only answer! The new legislation will give a place clients can report to if they feel there is a problem. There is recourses for Bad Inspectors. Then even severe for people that are doing inspections without a license. Example: You get caught sending someone out to do the inspection or doing the inspection without a license- each inspection is a separate offense. It could get very costly and a misdermenor charge. Tell me where do you see the gums showing? To me I think I see better teeth that just requiring E&O.
Please don’t get me started on the Legal ways of ripping us off through the insurance industry. E&O is over rated! Make 3 mistakes - no chance for E&O. Make no mistakes and watch how much $$ you spend for nothing!
Do a good job and document everything and look under the little stones. No need for E&O. Like I said, please don’t get me started.
But anyways, I think NY has a good set of teeth once it is going.

Question? What is the differance between following someone for 40 hours and 100 hours? Time! Why waste it. If the learning inspector wants to be good, they can do it in 40 hours.
Better in 100 but use the other 60 hours to make $$.
If the mentor is good and wants the other person to really succeed then don’t hold anything back and don’t pass on any bad habits. Do it right 100% of the time, it will be natural to teach someone else right!


Actually I find it quite frightening that only 100 hours is all that is needed, and only 40 hours is breath taking … in Texas we have 488 hours which translates into 30credit hours that equal 1 year of college, and that seems about right…Though I am a fan of education as the foundation of true experience.:shock:

40 hours of supervision with a lic inspector thats approx 15 inspections, are they the new inspectors jobs or are they going on the lic inspectors jobs. will there be a charge for 40 hours of supervision.

One of the problems, clearly recognized by the legislators who crafted the bill here in NY, pertains specifically tto E&O insurance and the need for tort reform.

I suggested to them, in conference prior to the bill being finalized, that Client attorneys here in NY could easily bring suit against every inspector who charged for the inspection, knowing full well that they would be forced to tender the claim to the insurance carrier, if E&O requirements were enacted. They acknowledged the danger in the requirement, and also recognized that there would likely be no way to enact a legal set of guidelines by which a lawsuit would need to show merit, before being filed against an inspector for a faulty inspection. At the end of the day, and much to our surprise, they took the E&O requirement out of the bill.

But, to state that the law has no teeth is not accurate.

Suppose you own a company and you have a lot of inspections to do. You decided to send a non licensed (trained by a school and by you) inspector to do them and you come thereafter to verify or supervise the findings. Is there anything wrong in that (assuming that you give 30 minutes per inspection).
I believe as long as you come to the field and participate responsibly, you don’t have to do personally all the jobs.



You are incorrect.