NYS Mentoring

If there is someone new in the Finger Lakes area that needs some time under a License Inspector, let me know.

Rick Paul


What’s involved in mentoring? I have gotten quite a few calls to mentor new inspectors here on Long Island but don’t know what is required.

What I could see under the NYS Law is folks looking to get a Home Inspector’s License has to work under a License Home Inspector. Basically, the mentor is responsible for the trainee. So if there any problems with the report the mentor is responsible.
If you do thorough inspections and meet all the requirements then you should make sure the trainee does the same.


If you have E&O, check with your Insurance Underwriter to verify coverage in this situation.

I just have enough business to provide this service to someone, who might need this.


Thank you both for your replies. I don’t think I’d have the trainee do any part of my inspection for me - I’d have them do their own and then compare notes after. As far as you know, does the state require any additional paperwork for a mentoring program or is being a licensed HI enough?


The requirements for mentoring is two things. Being a License Home Inspector in NYS.
Then you have to Keep a list of who is being Mentored
and the inspections being done. You get the forms for the list right off the
website. Download a copy of the application and use the form we all got
when we applied for the Licensing. The main idea is do the best inspection and teach the new inspector to do it right. This information came from Mr. Delany from the Departy of Secretary.


Thanks Rickey-
I appreciate the info.


I was just wondering if you did any mentoring with anyone yet. I received a call from an inspector, we talked but he has not called me back. I basically to him, the only cost to him was for the place to stay for the time he was here.
I told the gentleman to check and make sure the state excepted his schooling first and get it in writing. I have not heard anything from him.