NACHI and MB Shenanigans

Calling Michael Larson.

The list of threads have the latest posts of:

12:31 pm
12:55 pm
2:51 pm
3:09 pm
3:11 pm
3:19 pm
5:47 pm
5:47 pm
6:22 pm
7:12 pm
7:42 pm
8:39 pm
9:21 pm
9:30 pm
9:30 pm

Out of the 15 listed, 12 of them would have rolled off due to more recent posts. And yet they remain. Smells fishy.

Stephen, that’s because the list doesn’t include threads from the members-only forums as even the titles of threads in the members-only forums are for members only.

Test it. Start a new test thread in any of the open forums and watch the list push down within 2 hours.

Michael, can you apologize for your false accusations now?


Hello… Michael?

Michael… where are you?

The following threads have later posts and are in the public section of the board. They do not show up on the list but have later posts than most on the list.

All are from public sections of the message board and the list goes on and on. The algorithm must be off or something else is…

Stephen, the list is a list of the most recent thread starts. It’s not a list of the threads with the most recent posts.

Test it. Start a new thread in any of the open forums and watch it appear at the top of the list shortly.

This very thread we’re on, regarding threads not appearing on it, even appears on it. LOL.

Anyway, Michael, are you going to apologize for your false accusations or not?



Hello… Michael?


Good Luck Nick

I’ll keep trying.

Michael? Hello?

I think you’re just trying to catch up to his number of posts…

Hmmm I can find them . Is there a a white cane for MB blind . Can someone point Micheal in the right direction . I hate to seem him so worried . It will limit him to get rid of his frustration and may turn on us calling nasty names and such.

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Follow the money… do the math…

One of these vendors claims to have 10% (3800) inspectors in his “organization”…

Another vendor claims to offer $300 per client that purchases their services…

For the single vendor alone with 3800 inspectors if they are providing the personal information for just one client each day…

that equates to (potentially) $1,140,000.00 PER DAY for just ONE VENDOR !!! Nick claims to be in bed with, what was it, upwards of 1,000 vendors?!! Yep… add a few more zero’s to that number EVERY DAY!

Now… is there any question WHY the Fidelity Pledge is being attacked from so many angles???