NEW Vendor Code of Ethics

Howdy, Members –

As we’ve been discussing, we’ve just devised a Vendor Code of Ethics, based on language from our Inspector Code of Ethics.

We’d like your comments and suggestions on this new VCOE, so please weigh in on this thread.


I’m almost afraid to look.

It’s a first draft. We need help with it.

Smooth move will look again Sunday… Thanks … Roy

The InterNACHI vendor shall **NOT ****SPAM **any InterNACHI Member EVER without express written permission OF THE MEMBER!!! Written permission WILL NOT be via small print in some lengthy “Terms of Service” or other contract, or other document. Written permission must be by separate document, and will carry a one year expiration date, which must be renewed. Violation of this clause will be cause for immediate Banishment from all affiliated InterNACHI MB’s, websites, links, etc. for a term of 100 years. There will NOT be a “Jury of your peer’s”. In a nutshell… you will be “Toast”!

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The InterNACHI vendor shall not employ or compensate any third-party inspector to promote the vendor’s products or services unless both parties fully disclose their relationship at the time of promotion.

*From *Vendor Code of Ethics - InterNACHI](](

This is a good rule.

“Compensate” is an excellent term since it would include discounted or free products or services in return for the promotion of the service.

When an inspector is recommending a product or service to fellow members, just as a real estate salesman recommends an inspector to his client, it should be known if the referral is being paid for.

I like it.

Hit refresh. Does it read better now?

Nick - With the exception of only one of the rules, there are no consequences for breach … not that you would enforce it, anyway, but just sayin’ …:wink:

Seriously, stating that violation of Rule 10 carries the sanction of expulsion while saying nothing about rules 1 through 9 sends an interesting and, possibly, unintended message.

It was intentionally to add emphasis there. InterNACHI’s main purpose of having any relationship with industry vendors at all… is to procure exclusive deals and discounts for InterNACHI members.

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So, are there consequences for breaches of 1 through 9 and, if so, should they be footnoted?

First he says …

Then, he says …

Looks like you are pretty concerned about a process that you claim you don’t use. LOL.

Nathan, how is prohibiting vendors from secretly hiring members to come on our message board and testify about how great the vendor’s product/service is… “overreaching.”

We are simply asking vendors to be truthful about their paid spokesmen.

On this topic, Nick …

When this is violated … and a shill compensated by a vendor is marketing the product without disclosing his relationship … who do you burn? The shill or the vendor?

Perhaps you will need to word the rule in such a way to make it clear that when a vendor establishes such a relationship, he must publicly disclose it in an area where it can be referenced. Otherwise, the shill will have to precede each of his posts with his disclaimer.

Wow, even this thread got hijacked. Nathan, I don’t know you, I have never dealt with you, and in my little corner of the world chances are you couldn’t do anything for me anyway. That being said why do you instantly assume this is all about you.

Nathan, members should be able to rely on the truthfulness of their fellow member’s opinions found on our message board. Vendors secretly paying inspectors to make flattering posts about their products/services would diminish the value of this message board (and this message board is a member benefit).

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See post #15.

Jim, we either have to require disclosure or prohibit it. I’m not sure which we should do.