NACHI Arranges to have Fellow Member build "Bad Panels"

A while back I was searching for a post in the archives on “Bad Panels”. It took me a while but I located it. I contacted Nick Gromicko and Aimee Jalowsky for any information on the subject. I was looking for training materials for our Chapter. What I found, through these conversations, was that (and this is the really cool part) NACHI arranged to have Fellow Member Bruce King build and ship to me, for our Chapter, this “Bad Panel” for training.

This is such a great opportunity for NACHI Chapters. This will give Chapters a tremendous training tool to provide some electrical training to it’s Inspectors and Prospective Members as well. We will now have a hands-on training mock-up of an electrical panel that can be utilized over and over again by changing the defects in the panel so that Inspectors can find the defects and learn from the experience.

I wish to personnal thank Nick Gromicko for his insight and Bruce King for taking his time to provide the “Bad Panel” for us. Also, I would like to thank all of the other members and staff that are part of this great program who work in the background and should be praised for all of their efforts.

Well Done and keep up the tremendous work you do for our Organization.


Patrick M. Sisler
Alta Sierra Home Inspections
Sacramento Valley Chapter of NACHI

Who should I be contacting to have one of these panels sent to the New NACHI Great Lakes - East Chapter?

I forgot all about this offer…

Thank You for the reminder!!

Starting a new chapter has me working continuously trying to make sure I don’t forget any and all opportunity’s to make it a strong chapter like some of the NY & other busy chapters.

Jason Sieg

thank you for the reminder. Just like Jason we have been working so hard here in Puerto Rico with other entities that are against National groups and building the chapter has not been easy, that we miss opportunities for training stuff.

I will be shipping the panel to you today…

Any other chapter’s that want one just need to email Nick so that he can order it.

This is a great program.

Nick had one sent to our chapter (NACHIChicago) and we mounted it on a 4 x 4 plywood display. We also added a sub-panel, a weatherhead, conduit, ROMEX, boxes, receptacles, lights, switches, etc. Then we tested and powered it.

We now have a hands-on example of every type of electrical component a home inspector is likely to find. We will be including it as a hands-on training aid in our state CE courses and all by itself. People can take it apart, check it out, power it up and test it with their tools.

Nothing like up close and personal and hands-on training.

Now, if I could just get Nick to send me a roof for the structure course :mrgreen: .

Anyone in the midwest area who would like to use it, or have it presented as part of an electrical course, just call or e-mail me (see below). No charge, other than gas money.

Hope this helps;


Thank you very much. I am looking forward to presenting this to the Chapter.

Jason & Mary,

As Bruce mentioned, e-mail Nick to place an order for the panel.



Lots of panels ordered… ?

No new orders sent to me yet