THANKS Bruce King for another great electrical panel you built for us...

I want to personally thank Bruce King for making another electrical training panel for Greg Novian of the Butte County chapter in California. :wink:

These are actual electrical service panels with intentionally created defects, great for training purposes!

Thanks Bruce!

Here is an online one done by Joe Tedesco:

You’re welcome!

I hope the UPS driver or anyone else does not hurt their back…
The panel and crate weigh 70lbs…

Hey Lisa,

There was one supposed to be sent out to me last year. Do you know if it was ever shipped, or not produced yet?


They usually are shipped out for chapter events. Let me know the dat of your event and we can work something out.:smiley:

Maybe it got lost in the chapter debacle last year. Someone contacted me though and offered it. I don’t remember who, and it didn’t seem connected to any event. But let’s talk. :slight_smile:

Sorry, only for actually scheduled chapter events that are having an electrician use it as part of a presentation.

Guess everything changes eh?

Of course and always for the better at NACHI.

I’m sure. I didn’t really need the panel anyway.


I’m getting scared.

Bruce I want to say “Thank You”!! for the excellent panel that you made. It will be used in our next chapter meeting for training purposes. Our chapter really appreciates your efforts.

Thanks again
Greg Novian
Paradise Home Inspection, LLC
President of Butte County Chapter of NACHI

you’re welcome!

I call it the “humbler”

It looks like a good panel at first glance but is chock full of issues.

I doubt anyone could find all the problems (including myself) unless they spent 30+ minutes on it or had prior knowledge of the problems inserted.

Nice work Bruce. Great name for it… the “humbler” !!