Please identify the defects here at this panelboard, etc.

Please identify the defects here at this panelboard, etc.

I built the panelboard and added defects, and Will Decker and his friend added more.

Please tell us what you find here.


Wow! What a mess.

This is great practice. Still working on my list, I have at least 15 items so far. I wish the pictures were much clearer. I’ll check back in later when I have more time.

You will find more.

Let’s see your list so far.

I guess that the Chicago NACHI Chapter wants to keep this within their area, since that area is a “pipe” only, crossed neutral, and union area", and as some would say: lol, lol, and lol again.

This equipment was built as a training aid that was used at two seminars, that I am aware of so far, one in Columbus, OHIO, and at the 1st Chicago Seminar, or at another seminar? Will?

I understand that Pat B is the Chicago NACHI Education Chairman, maybe we can ask him for the summary of the “defects” found in this equipment.

I agree that with so little space for images, that we sometimes cannot see the pictures well, and that makes it hard to be truly accurate.

Seems to me that some of the older non technical images, and unnecessary posts taking up space, should be deleted.

Why, I even discovered that some non-members are posting comments in our Image Library with links to phornographic sites!

I would be happy to scan the data base and rid it of that crap.


Why not put better pictures on another site and post the links??

I don’t mind downloading 4-5 megs of files to get the data

Is this panel built to Chicago code or National code??


Nice to see you this weekend Joe, quite a character (good that is). Love what you did here, very hard to see the pics, stay with this, can you clear them up? I like testing myself on stuff like this. But you must give us all the defects in order to compare a sometime.


I will do that and I will add links for access to larger images.

I have lots of space on my web site. The panelboard I built was with thoughts related to the NEC and installations contrary to the NEC, the additional defects were built with the Chicago Code in mind by Will Decker, although they too can be identified by the NEC.

Everything we discuss here begins with the rules in the “Standards” and I have avoided using numbers, (although many still give them from the NEC), we can be sure that everything that the HI looks at, and reports about where electrical systems are identified, has a rule that can be discussed when the push comes to a shove.

I will continue to give the defect identification without the reference to the NEC although, there were many in Fredrick, Maryland last Saturday who showed some interest in becoming a Certified IAEI One and Two Family Dwelling Electrical Inspector which will need that information.

I am willing to discuss electrical questions with anyone who needs help, just give me a call, and if I am not available leave a message.

PS: I will be on vacation from July 6-15, 2006 traveling to Rome, Florence, and Venice, Italy with my wife Kathleen.

As I mentioned to Richard, I will do what is necessary to give a better representation of the images. I offer my services as a “ride along” electrical inspector and would be able to discuss in detail the contents of the cabinet and panelboard of most any equipment used in dwellings where the HI will be made aware of what we find.

The “made up” violations here in these images are helpful, but its the real onsite images that give us the real story.

You can send me some of your best close up images at different angles, and allow me to identify the problems I see. I will post them here, and if permitted will use them in my articles for “What’s Wrong Here?”