NACHI Booth at Fairfield Realtors Trade Show Pictures

Ok folks, here are some pictures from the Fairfield Realtors Trade show. Over 225-250 Realtors,mortgage,and bankers were on hand for this show. Made alot of contacts. The NACHI table skirt diffently made a impression on everyone, including Mr. ASHI. :twisted: The powers to be in Fairfield County, found out that there is a new ORG in town other than the 20 year ASHI and the 10 year NAHI

The 2nd photo is of the NAHI booth which was just 1 booth to my right.
The 3rd photo is of the ASHI booth that was 2 booths straight in front of my booth.








Lookin great, Mark - did this get re-posted?
I remember commenting on this the other day.

Table skirt helps set you abart!!

yes it did. I was asked to make a new post for the pictures. :slight_smile: Nachi, and Ohnachi moves on. :slight_smile:

Great - see you soon in MI!