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to everyone who took the time out of their busy schedule to attend our local NACHI Du-Ka Chapter meeting in Bowmanville.

As most of your are aware Bill & Claude were unable to attend this meeting due to untimely and unfortunate circumstances. They are however, prepared to re-schedule at a latter date.

It was a pleasure to welcome Brett a Chapter president from B.C. who took the time to fly out here to attend this meeting. A special THANKS goes out to NICK for helping to make his trip possible.

It was a pleasure to host this meeting in an open forum setting with a great bunch of ADULTS who came prepared with questions and ideas pertaining to the home inspection industry here in Canada.

No name calling! No association bashing! and No Bullpuky!

Everyone came into this meeting with a POSITIVE attitude. Nice change from what has been going on up here in Canada.

Positive input by forward thinking people, who actually cared for the home inspection industry as a whole.

Thanks to Roy who (at his own expense) brought a few prizes for his fellow members.

No door prizes, no gimmicks, no freebies. Everyone came with an agenda in mind.

Cheap Home Inspectors? Not this bunch, as they dug into their own pockets to ensure that the costs of the meeting were shared equally among the attendees. Thank You!

It was at the request by all who attended, we hold another meeting in early May.

An agenda is now being compiled, which will be posted on here latter next week.

Anyone wanting to add to the agenda, simply contact us at:

Once again, thanks to all who attended and we look forward to seeing this positive attitude stay alive as we venture into the future.

Bob Brown
President NACHI Du-Ka Chapter ON. Canada
NACHI Cell: 1-484-429-5465

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That is wonderfull to hear Mr. Brown, well done to all!

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