Support for new member

I am a new NACHI member, starting up.

About a week ago, I was looking for a fellow NACHI member to take me out on “tag-alongs”. I sent a message to Roy Cooke
in Brighton, Ontario.

Roy got back to me immediately and was enthusiastic about helping me out! I went out with Roy and his wife, Charlotte, a couple of
days later and really enjoyed meeting them. They were supportive and eager to share their knowledge. This kind of
camaraderie demonstrates the value of NACHI membership. I am truly appreciative and glad I joined NACHI!

Tom Paterson
Port Hope, Ontario

Tom, you most likely will not ever find a better mentor to start your business venture into the NACHI Organization.

I wish you the best of luck and keep us posted.

We are also all here to help you in your venture and I will be the first to help you if possible in any questions Roy might not be able to help you on. ha. ha. :mrgreen:

Could not resist Roy. :slight_smile:

Good Luck.

Marcel:) :smiley:

Tom has been with me tree times this week and on Monday he will get two more .
He will find the next two sort of Boring just nice regular 30 and 40 year old homes .
The two earlier had a lot of concerns .
The one yesterday was the junkiest dirty filthy Home I have ever done .
Mouse dropping you could sweep up so many
It seemed to me like they had been milking the welfare big time .
Gas shut of so they just bought a new electric Water heater and put it in . Freezer 1/2 full of food and Fridge the same about 10 pairs of the best running shoes ( no $29;00 walmart ) thrown in the corner .
Two hundred dollar pair of skates and a pair of roller blades tools I would just loved to have and Smash big TV walkie talkies and so much more .
This was after the agent had already had a big dumpster of garbage taken away.
Stink from cat urine
Doors pulled of the hinges and windows smashed .
Thats about ten % of what I can remember.
Tom will be happy to see a normal inspection .
Thanks Tom for your Post glad to help.
Tom and Marcel are correct NACHI and its members sure are a great group to help all, all the time .

… Cookie

Roy,…aka Cookie…:smiley:

As always…going above and beyond to help someone.

Your a good man…!

Hope you and the wife are fine up there in the great country of Canada…!

That’s what makes it work! :smiley:

Yes My friends have called me Cookie since I was Four and I feel that there are many on this Board who I consider Friends.
Char and I work as a team and it works extremely well for us .
We are also mentoring another person who can only go out on week ends so this is a little awkward for him.
He did one Saturday that was a small building and an addition and another addition and that was not enough so they had 7 handy man out buildings.
Great experience with things we seldom get to see.
Yes we are in the greatest of health Thanks for asking .
First frost Thursday ,soon to be Winter .
… Cookie

Don’t you love these… they really make you think.
My worst two…
First was the poster house from… you might be a redneck if…
at first I thought I got the wrong address and ended up at the town dump. I was 10 minutes early and after a quick examination I was actually ready to leave and tell them I would not enter the house. However the client and his 14 year old daughter showed up. The girl pointed to the center of the yard and told her father where the dumpster would go and what she would need help with putting in the dumpster, the rest she was moving herself. How can you not help a girl like this!
House number 2 was 6 days old! The basement had 65 dog poops on the floor! The dogs (3) peed on the carpet five times in two hours! The 6th time one peed on my shoe cover! They called me for the one year inspection ( a year later). I said no!

Tom… It is good you see stuff like this… as Roy says, the regular house is actually boring… it is the interesting stuff that teaches you things. And Roy is an interesting thing :mrgreen: … sorry Roy, had to do it!

Roy is not just a technically sharp inspector… he can also teach you about marketing (and has a strong customer referral base to show for it). He taught me much of what I know.

That kind of support is priceless. I am also new and trying to set up my business. I live in the Cambridge area and would drive anywhere for that kind of training. Would anyone be interested in mentoring me? I’ll buy the coffee.

Welcome and com’on down.
I have a 12,700 sq.ft. home plus 1,800 sq.ft. MIL with pools, fountains, and well to do next week Wed-Thurs and could use a hand.

I thought about this more clearly after I posted. Maybe, somewhere in Ontario, would be easier. I will be in Fort Worth over the Christmas holidays though.

Worth repeating!!!

Glen give me a call 519 857 7101 or send an e-mail maybe we can set something up in the near future. Live in Thamesford just west of Woodstock and work in london area.

Thanks Rob I will call you this evening. I love this place!!!

Glen call me after 8pm going goose hunting this afternoon phone will be off until after dark. Last thing I need is the phone ringing while I’m making a shot throws me right off aspeacialy when it’s on vibrate.

Thanks again Rob. Yesterday was a great learning experience for me.

No problem Glen, maybe we can do it again after the first week of Nov.