New Online Agreement Feature

Hi folks,

Based on a suggestion from our members, I’ve added a PDF version of every signed agreement to our system. Now it’s much easier to print out a copy for your records.

Let us know if you have any other suggestions!

Create your online agreements here:

Nice. Thanks!

Good deal. Thanks

Can we get a place for the inspector to sign it as well?


Juan your business name and your name should be on the contract already. All it needs is a client signature. No need for your signature.

That is why we in Alberta cannot/should not be using it. The legislation clearly states that the agreement must be signed by the inspector and the client.

So does the Illinois SOP.

  • The signature of the client or his or her duly authorized representative, and the signature of the home inspector or the duly authorized representative of a home inspector entity.

This is the very last line in the INachi Agreement:

The signature below acknowledge that All parties have read, understand and agree to the terms of this agreement.

YEP! VA too. There needs to be a place for the inspector to sign it so VA inspectors can use it.

Thanks! Keep up the go work!


We’ll look into the legality of Inspectors signing the agreement in those states/provinces. Thanks for the tip!


I don’t sign my contract until after the client does, in case they have strike outs, and sometime not at all do to regested changes. This is my contact as is or call someone else.

Alright, we’re testing out an Inspector’s signature feature right now. Keep an eye on this thread for more updates!


Sweet! Thanks!

Tim, have you been able to get any legal opinions regarding previous agreements that were “unsigned” by inspectors in states where it may be required?

Yes. Our online agreement system makes it unnecessary for the inspector to sign as it is undoubtedly generated by the inspector. Nevertheless, Tim is adding a signature line so that inspectors can sign their agreements to technically comply with the states that require it.

Thanks Nick.

I’ve had the impression the last line in agreement verified inspector is included in “the parties”

The signature below acknowledge that All parties have read, understand and agree to the terms of this agreement.

Yeah, but some states still want the inspector’s signature on the agreement. We give them what they want.

In the States that require Sig’s, also require that the inspection report be signed.

Do you all comply with that as well?

If you “electronically” sign a form, does it hold up to “Being Signed”?
Do you all print out your agreements and reports so you can sign and give to the client?

They need a signed copy also.

If you originate the agreement electronically and sign it electronically sign it, is it signed?

This all makes everything we do in the computer age wrong if you follow these requirements written before Al Gore invented the internet!

Can you sign a credit card on a computer without your signature?
We do this every day.
It means you agree to pay.
So what now?

David I have no idea what you are getting at but Va requires the contract to be signed not the report. The UCC and the e-sign act hold up electronic signatures