NACHI Continuing Education Increased

Effective 1 January 2007 Continuing Education Requirements for NACHI Membership will be increased from 24 hours per year to 30 hours per year.

NACHI Members are indeed elite and a step or two above the rest.

I for one think its a great thing that NACHI requires so much CE, but where does it end. For the last two years you have increased it 6hrs each year. This is fine, but with the influx of continuing education Vendors lately that are affiliated with NACHI…it kind of makes one wonder.

What will the future hold? Will we be taking classes all year just to keep up with the CE requirements? Will I have time to actually perform inspections and run my business? In my area, Associations just aren’t that important to have to belong to an association that is going to require me to be a full time student instead of puting food on the table for my family.

I’m sure I’ll get slammed for this, but seriously this is just my opinion…take it with a grain of salt.

Made me wonder as well. BTW there were supposed to be some addtional NACHI **free **online courses released recently but this has not happened.

Any updates Gerry B???

I wasn’t asked about this, but my only thought would be, how many years in a row will we recognize electric 101, plumbing 101, etc. as continuing education.

We have a variety of excellent courses in NACHI. The goal should be that everyone expand their knowledge. This may be better served if we limit the number of times a course can count for CE, rather than simply increasing the number of hours, but, what’s done is done.

It will be a cold day in hell before I loose thousands of dollars in lost inspection time to complete almost a week of education…crazy…:shock:

When and who came up with this?:roll:

This is disturbing, Mr. President.

Perhaps, as others have been advised in the past, you should simply “get used to it”.:wink:

I don’t necessarily need to be asked about it if the education committee felt this was in the best interests of the association. Hopefully, this is how the decision was made. I just don’t like reading about things on the bb that are significant policy changes within the association not having any prior knowledge.

At least I didn’t get a phone call asking me why we changed the policy before I had a chance to read the BB. lol

As we all know, all committees, including the education committee, work in an advisory capacity, only. On their own, they have the power to enact nothing.

It seems that the president of the organization would be a natural coordinating point for evaluating such advice prior to implementation.

I agree with you that increasing the offering would be a logical first step preceding an increase to the minimum basic standard. Taking the online electrical course 30 times in one year (an extreme example) should certainly not qualify, but then (subtracting the for-profit vendors from the equation) the choices are just not there to avoid repetition.

“This is fine, but with the influx of continuing education Vendors lately that are affiliated with NACHI…it kind of makes one wonder.”

I completely agree. Without sounding harsh, if continued education is so important (and I agree it is) why is it getting attached to SO many $$$ signs?! Whenever I see something that looks good, as in an all day course( which has a LOT of CE hours) with it, it is always $100.00-200.00 or so. Not only are the time constraints so hard for many, but come on, the same thing could be done on-line without costing SO much!

just my 0.02 worth on all the $$$

Chapters can put together training seminars that are free to its members - as well as arranging for the “pay-as-learn” vendors.

I have 21 CEUs scheduledbetween 10/21 and 12/10 that will cost NACHI members of my chapter absolutely nothing.

You are welcome to attend.

Lets not forget that these free seminars are being funded by NACHI. Just because they are free to members doesn’t mean that the people providing the education is doing it for free.

Exactly. Free to members…not free.

If it were not for the fact that NACHI is offering training to its members for free, there might be validity to the suspicion that those in the business of selling education were financially benefiting with the increase in required hours. However, with Nick paying Bob and Helen to come all the way from Canada to Missouri to provide two full days of training, and providing it free to NACHI members, these claims are baseless.

Members of our chapter will get a full day of Well Water Sampling Certification and Nick pays Joe’s air fare, hotel and fee. Who can complain?

No one is too busy to squeeze in 24 CEUs per year. (No offense, Dale, but with over 1800 posts to this message board in just the last nine months, there is at least a part of your time that could be better spent.:wink: Why not a seminar or two? Already attending, some? Fine…how about a couple more?)

But as Blaine pointed out, continuously (and arbitrarily) increasing the minumum basic standard without adding additional assortments of NACHI provided courses to choose from requires repetition to stay current - which benefits no one.

Footnote: In response to the statement: “It will be a cold day in hell before I loose thousands of dollars in lost inspection time to complete almost a week of education…crazy…:shock:” At the rate of 5 minutes spent on the message board for each post, 1800 posts represents 9,400 minutes. that is roughly 156 hours or the equivalent of four 40 hour workweeks. We all have time for training.:wink: ]

With all respect, Reference was not made to chapter meetings (which are 1 hour of CE). Yet, the reference was to those courses put on by vendors, which DO cost the $, that add up to 30 CE’s MUCH faster than chapter meetings do. I attend chapter meetings regularly, which add up “one hour at a time”. Meetings put on otherwise, that do cost, and have many CE’s for them. So, with the new 30 hr requirement, which I never said I was against, get out a calculator and do the math. Do you think it is attractive or not to get many CE’s in one chunk, or not?:wink: So, with 12 meetings per year, at 1 hour each, where are/or do you get the rest? If your chapter meetings count for more than 1 hr I will get on a plane to MO and pay you a visit:o . Well maybe not.


maybe this is why the NH chapter meetings are good for 3 ceu’s;-)

Add to that hour a 6-hour NACHI approved and CEU acredited seminar on Plumbing for Home Inspectors. It is now a 7 CEU meeting.

Well, I thought I was done, but I have to come to Dales defence, lol. I think the BB is a form (although not counted towards CE hours) of education, in a small way. I believe a person can learn quite a bit from visiting here. And,having people like Dale here, who are very learned, can benefit those who write in with questions! I know I have learned a lot here, so if I had 1800 posts, those posts would have given me much benefit from the time spent!

And it looks like we need your kind of meetings here. Pretty easy to get 30 CE’s with those kind of meetings!! :slight_smile:

Drop me a line and I’ll help you set one up. In fact, Bob and Helen are looking for takers in late November and December to add to their schedule. That’s 14 hours right there. Let me know.

For several years our Chapter Vice President MarcusHutnick has taught a Home Inspectors course at a local college.

Our last 3-hour Chapter meeting was based on Electrical Bonding / Grounding. It was good for 3-CEUs.

Maybe you can contact a local college to see if you can get one of their educators to come to your meetings and do the same

Hi Jim!

Nov. & Dec. are good for New Hampshire. We would love to have you guys come to our State!