NACHI decals

Hi NACHIvillians.:cool: Hope everyone is having a great day. Nick wanted me to post a picture of a possible decal and to get responses. Would anyone be interested in an exterior/interior decal, and if so…what size would you like to see, and also any changes and ideas are always welcome. These decals are easy to apply to vehicles. windows. doors. You would just peel the backing off and stick them wherever you wish.
thanks! Cheryl


Interior are nice. I have an exterior decal on my van and it is peeling off and looks bad so I’m going to take it off.

Hi Wendy! (you are a fast responder) Yes you certainly have to be careful when applying decals to your vehicle. Your vehicle needs to be squeeky clean before you apply. Plus all the bubbles and edges need to be smoothed out or dirt and grime will get underneath and make a mess.
The exterior ones can always be used indoors as well. I never got your email Wendy with the mountain pic you wanted to use on your logo. I have a hard time emailing you as they sometimes bounce back undelievered. I hope all is going well for you.

I agree with Wendy. The interior ones but the black may not show up well on tinted vehicle windows. That’s what my truck has on the rear and rear side windows.

when you have tinted windows it is best to use the exterior ones.
Another idea would be to have just the letters available to put on without
the decal background. Like in the color white for your back window. If the
letters and logo are in a small enough size such as 6 inches by 6 inches it
should be easy to apply and white shows up well.
(the grey background is supposed to be your tinted window)


I like this design, would love to see it as a static window decal though. Makes it nice to remove when I change out vehicles or the wife has to ride in back. I don’t want her to get car sick. :roll: Looks great,but I too agree that the white lettering and design would look better than the black. Size ? Same as the other static window decals that NACHI has sent out before. :smiley:

Hi Cheryl,

Did you get my PM?

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Here’s the pic (I think!:shock: ) Cheryl. Thanks!:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Hey Wendy, is this a picture from your back yard? If so, I need to make my way out for a camp out in your back yard. :smiley: Good to see you on the board more to. Hope that things are falling into place for you.:wink:

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This is going to be my back yard for the summer! :slight_smile: It’s so beautiful!

This is a picture of the Dosewallips River in Dosewallips State Park. It is one of the most incredibly beautiful places on earth. You can literally watch bald eagles wading in the river and picking out salmon for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Hi Wendy Yes I received your PM and replied.
Mark…static decals are best for inside… but…they may not show up on some tinted windows facing outward. I did not see the previous static cling stickers so don’t know what size they were. Where do most of you put your decals/stickers? The back window…side windows? thanks

Hey Cheryl, my inbox was full so your pm bounced. I’m having all the luck eh?

Maybe you could go to your sent box and resend it please? Thanks.

Does anyone notice that, given the font, it looks like certlifled, not certified?

Of is that just me?


I am using the clear background with white lettering static window decals. No adhesive to mess with. I have them in the 2 back passenger windows and a web address w/phone # across the back window. I have a mild window tint, but the white letters show up great. I will try to get a photo or 2 and post them here so you can see what they look like. I paid $ 140.00 for the set. :smiley:

Hi Mark…how long have you had them? I have made static cling signs for customers and they blew off and the customer got mad at me! Yes post a picture I would love to see what you have. thanks


I believe any future graphics sould also include the URL



I have had them for 1.5 years now. These static cling signs are place on the inside of the windows so you do not have to worry about them blowing off. They are very easy to install. Make sure the window is clean, spray the window with water. Peel the sign and place it on the window,lightly wipe it down which will push out the air bubbles. Pictures will follow later on today. :smiley:

I did the static cling decals for nachi that were sent out all over the country. however no one contacted me about doing anymore for the organization. I think Nachi ordered 1,500 of them before and we were able to do them for about 50 cents apiece.

Ken Trice

Hi Ken…I think what Nick had in mind was a decal. Not the static cling. I have done a few static cling signs but would not be interested in taking work away from you.
He wanted me to ask if anyone would be interested in a decal either exterior or interior with the NACHI logo and what else people were interested in having on it. I agree with Gerry about adding the website.
My personal opinion is that decals look better on the outside. The tints on windows these days takes away the impact of the decal. But I am interested to see Marks signs.