NACHI Executive Director meets with KY Legislators

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On December 14th, 2005 I had the pleasure of meeting and greeting several Kentucky State Leaders at the Capital Building in Frankfort, KY.

Senators Tom Buford and Gary Tapp took time out of their busy days to allow me to address them concerning the placement and appointment of two NACHI representatives on the Home Inspection Licensing Board. Senator Buford, fresh off of Triple By-pass surgery and looking great, and I, along with Mr. Bob Rowland, (NACHI lobbyist) sat down and discussed Home Inspection Liscensure for an extensive period.

After touring and meeting several other key personnel within the Governor's office Mr. Rowland and I visited members of the House where again I was met with open arms. Representative James Bruce and I also had a sit down meeting and discussed placement of two NACHI members on the Home Inspection Licensing Board.

At the end of a long day with scheduled meetings with the Kentucky Office of Housing, Buildings & Constuction's Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors Division and all of the aforementioned, Bob Rowland and I left the Capital Building and toured the surrounding country side. (I got to see the home of the great horse and Triple Crown Winner, Seattle Slew, along with a quick tour of some of the most amazing homes and stables in the country. One in particular just jumps right out at me. The Stable doors were unbelievable and I can almost guarantee that one set of these doors cost more than my home. The main house was constructed out of cut-stone, and included a guest house on down the road. Other buildings such as a meeting house, office, etc. dotted the property in elegance and beauty, surrounded by miles and miles of white fencing. An awesome sight.

All in all, I believe the trip to be a very successful one for NACHI and its members in Kentucky. I feel strongly that the legislators see the need for two NACHI representatives on the Home Inspection Board and look forward to its approval.

In my early morning meeting with the Board I offered the use of NACHI's exam for their consideration in state liscensing requirements. I expect to hear something further after January 3rd which is the next time the board meets. My presentation seemed to be well received by the board and I am positive that NACHI can meet all of their special needs.

Please see my additional posts concerning KREIA.

John B.

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Good for you John . With a little luck we can get the same thing to happen in Canada.

Canada seems to be stumbling along with no input from our home Inspectors.

we get poor replies to our questions and very little information on what the future holds .

Keep up the good work we all appreciate it .

Roy sr.

A Happy NACHI member

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Sounds good John!

I live just a few miles from the Kentucky border, I don’t do Kentucky inspections often (just did a couple in the last nine years) but I may look into it. Over the years you could see with the state line was due to the void of housing north of the border. This is all changing now, the place is a boom!

John, have you done anything with Tennessee?
It appears that we are about in the same phase as Kentucky (maybe a little behind). They have enacted proposal for the law but it will not go into effect until next summer. I keep checking this site for any updates on legislation changes but I have not seen much in a while.

Attempts to acquire my insurance for next year is becoming somewhat difficult as the state of Tennessee indicates they want liability and maybe E & O insurance but haven't set the limits to my knowledge as of yet.

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Get your license and come on over. Water's fine here. You can live out of state and still get a Kentucky license.

Unfortunately, the welcome doesn't go the other way. Last time I checked, you had to LIVE in Tennesse for a couple of years before you can get an HI License.

Heard about any plans to change that?

Erby Crofutt
B4U Close Home Inspections
Georgetown, Kentucky

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Everything is sooooo up in the air right now, I don’t know where the stuff will fall when the dust settles! icon_smile.gif

I personally think that a lot of changes are to come in the HI industry. The required experience before getting a licence will require you to get it in school or working with another HI. That is going to take a lot of HI's out of the loop to do mostly admin stuff. Larger multi-inspector businesses will likely emerge.

We'll just have to wait and see!

I think the direction we are going is going to professionalize the industry 100% and we will be able to operate like other licenced contractors (appraisers, geologists, PE's ect...). I hope it will be a change for the better (after all we have to go through to get there).

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Send me an email with your phone number so that I can call you.

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Is there a shortcut to icense for out-of-state people. I didn’t have the time to go to any meetings. icon_redface.gif

I was thinking about not going to Ky for that reason, but it is only about 25 mins away.