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Safety Tools and Resources for Families Launch in June

Washington, D. C. (June 1, 2004) ? Each year in the United States, there are an average of nearly 20,000 deaths and 21 million medical visits due to unintentional injuries suffered at home, according to The State of Home Safety in America? report.

The Home Safety Council is working to help reduce this alarming toll by introducing new resources during Home Safety Month that help families apply injury prevention practices in and around their homes.

?Keeping loved ones safe at home requires a daily commitment,? said Home Safety Council president Meri-K Appy. ?During Home Safety Month we will engage and equip families with the home safety tools they need to make that commitment. We want families across America to realize that a safe home is in their hands and to put that awareness into action each and every day.?

Making Home Safety Simple

During Home Safety Month, the Council will concentrate on a single goal: making home safety easy for families to fit into their daily household routine. To meet this goal, the Home Safety Council is offering two new safety resources: a redesigned and interactive Web site, and a national TV public service announcement campaign.

The all-new Home Safety Council Web site ( now offers one of the country?s most comprehensive online centers for home safety information, tips, checklists and resources and serves as the nucleus for this year?s Home Safety Month outreach efforts.

Through the Web site, families, businesses, classrooms and safety advocates can access tools and information that help raise awareness and promote actions to keep families safe from home injuries. The new Home Safety Council Web site continues to evolve and improve, including these upgrades:

A content-rich resource center designed to meet the home safety needs of a broad range of users.
A personalized checklist generator that creates a detailed home safety checklist based on the user?s family and home.
Downloadable brochures and posters the public can use to supplement safety fairs and promote safe home practices.
Home safety tips on topics ranging from fire safety and poison prevention to kitchen safety and home security.
Spanish language versions of select materials.
Content specifically designed as a resource for teachers and community educators.

The Home Safety Council will release a new television public service announcement (PSA) in June. The PSA, which is expected to air in markets throughout the country, communicates to families that they have an active and critical role in implementing safety practices in their own homes.

?Safety is severely overlooked in American homes, yet the potential for injury and even death is very real,? said Appy. ?Fortunately, injuries are highly preventable when people understand the dangers in their homes and take the simple steps necessary to avoid them. During Home Safety Month and all year long, we?re working hard to help families make safety a top priority.?

About Home Safety Council
The Home Safety Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to helping prevent the more than 21 million medical visits on average that occur each year from unintentional injuries in the home. Through national programs and partners across America, the Home Safety Council works to educate and empower families to take actions that help keep them safe in and around their homes. To learn more about the Council?s programs, partnerships and resources, visit the Home Safety Council at

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