NACHI has another way for members to make money while asleep.

Chris Morrell and I set up NeighborhoodEnvironmental, which is why it is all NACHI’d up.

Will this be available for Canada

Roy C sr

Excellent, Nick. Thanks.



Since a NACHI member is paid when people use this
research service then what protection from liability does
that NACHI member have?

Where is the written release from liability that goes with
the report so someone will not sue a NACHI member
when that person finds something hazardous in his area
that may have been missed in the report?

Also, have you cleared this arrangement with the Texas
Real Estate Commission? Can a Texas inspector get paid
for services he recommends on the SAME house that he

Should we add a disclosure statement to our cover page
of inspection reports? (such as BRINKS security requires
when inspectors get paid for recommending their services).

John McKenna
American Home Inspection

That is misleading. A city is not a neighborhood. Imagine trying to decifer the report for Los Angeles or New York. Is there a sample report that we can look at?

Here is an interesting article that talks about these types of reports.
Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy making extra money. I’m just not convinced that I would feel good about my name being associated with this or any other company like it. This company gives very little information about what they offer on their web site. There are only two links on the site. One to buy the report and one to inspectorlocator. There is no information about the qualifications of the company. No contact information. I really wish someone from NACHI would research these things before announcing them to the membership.

Clients can probably get the same information for free at .

John M, you don’t need a limitation of liability unless you yourself decide to do the research. In this case you are merely referring your client to the service.

Neil, Nope. This is not online information. It is a custom pdf report derived from many private sources and fresh sources that have to be researched by hand for each particular neighborhood… it isn’t online… which is why it takes at least a day or so for a human being to generate.

U.S. Govt.'s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), providing local environmental contamination and health risk information to taxpaying (and tax-evading) citizens with internet access for years. Free. Gratis. No Charge.

That is a good example of KNOWN cleanup sites. That site, nor scorecard, nor any other online databases do any research. For instance, recent and local court records aren’t researched by such sites and incorporated into the report. In fact, there are no reports with such sites, just access to online government databases which should be free.

Anyway, looks like Pillar to Post franchise (your competitors) are already offering it for $130. Read last weekend’s USA Today article:

The scorecard site is not up to date. I worked on the demolition and environmental clean up ($95 million) of the Joliet Army Ammunition Plant in Elwood, Illinois back in the 90’s. They cleaned the soil (microbial remediation), and built an inter-modal rail facility on the cleaned up site and scorecard lists it as contaminated.

I smell a rat

In California the reports are provided to the buyer during escrow, it’s mandatory!

Check out these articles:

We actually looked at scorecard while building and found it to be fairly worthless.

We didn’t want to provide merely online data, we wanted custom report generation.

Comparing online governmental data sites to which provides a custom report is like comparing a pile of bricks and lumber to an actual newly built home.

Priceless analogy. Bravo.

I’ve added this to my site, Nick. How do I know when I have gotten hits. Do you report this or is there a page for tracking it or what? Pardon my antiquity.

How long for the client to receive the report? Is it emailed? Do we receive a copy for our records?

What is the cost to the client?