Detailed Inspection Report Critiques: $79.

Hi sent this link from service magic.
I bid $59.

Just busting you for the humorless percentage here. :slight_smile:
Sounds like a good idea but first establish Kenton has a superior report.
Can we please see an example?

He’s selling critiques. I’ll buy. Email me one of your reports Bob. I’ll pay him critique it for you. I suspect you’ll get a lot of insight from the service.

How dare you questions Kentons authoritay!

I’ll buy a critique for you too Juan. Email me a report.

I will send the report that I am working on now when I am done.

You got a deal.
Only insite I really need is speed…lol

Will walk into the tent now and see the Gypsy.:smiley:

Do you have your Clients permission to share “their” report with others?



LOL you crack me up.

I was/am serious.

You didn’t see no little smilies on that other post, did you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well lighten up.

Good point Jeff.
Better wipe the address

And all other identifying marks, names, etc…

If Juan has written permission from his client to share the report, there is no issue. As long as he discloses the facts to his client, there is nothing wrong.

Merely removing the names and identifying information does not make it OK unless you have the client’s written permission.

Do you ever post pictures from jobs and do you get permission ?

EVERY inspection I perform has a signed contract and separate signed permission sheet that specifically mentions posting photos or any portion of the report for educational or informative purposes. Been the same since 2005.

Don’t worry about it unless it shows something so unique about the house that it indirectly reveals the property address… of course. Pretty much unlikely though.

Sent …using cartoon pictures .’

Used Jeff’s house so made sure to disclaim debris blocking view.

I do worry. My state requires permission. “Not disclose information contained in the inspection report without client approval or as required by law.”

While you can say “Dont worry” about the NACHI unenforced SOP and COE, the same cannot be said for States with their own laws.