NACHI launches free dns forwarding service.

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There seems to be some confusion around what DNS forwarding is, and whether or not this is something one might want or need.

So, blame it on the geek girl - I should have explained this better to Nick, I think! ![icon_wink.gif](upload://ssT9V5t45yjlgXqiFRXL04eXtqw.gif)

Here it is:
If you have a free web page or website hosted somewhere on someone else's domain, with a long & nasty URL like and you'd like to have this site be found on your own domain name like, then this service is for you. You need to register your domain name, but we'll take care of the forwarding for you.

If you already have registered your domain name, and it has a canned "coming soon" page from your registrar, but you haven't yet purchased web site hosting or a web site package to get your site going, this service might also be for you. You can go get yourself a free web page at any of a number of places, including Yahoo-Geocities, Yahoo Local (business sites only), Tripod, Angelfire, etc., then use our DNS forwarding service to have your own domain name attached to your free web site.

Yalia Technology Design also offers a free web page to any NACHI member when they register a new domain name through us for $25. You can use this free web page to establish a presence on the web, or as an additional site to help your search engine rankings and to generate traffic to your main site. To learn more about this, or to get yours today, visit

If you have any question about the free DNS Forwarding service, please contact me.

- Roberta

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Good explanation.

I used DNS forwarding for quite awhile.

My first (weak) attempt at a website was on Yahoo's Geocities.

Matter of fact, it's still there.

when someone typed in it took them to and the URL gripper made the address bar read

Worked great.

I'm glad to see you offering this economical service for those of us whose talents lay in other directions.

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