NACHI members get discount from American Home Warranty.

January 3, 2007



For the next 30 days, membership with American Home Warranty has been discounted a full 40% off the regular (one time) membership fee – to $150.00.

Our new 2007 warranty has been dramatically improved. We have eliminated the deductibles for both mechanical and structural components, substantially increasing the coverage while maintaining 2006 prices per warranty. We continue to provide support to our home inspector members, driving additional deal flow your way through our value-added product and promotional program.

Call Chris Smith at 1-800-404-5479 or log on to]( for further details about this excellent tool for differentiating your inspection business in the marketplace.

Hi, Nick. Do you know if this type of thing will ever be offer in Canada?

Seems like a good investment for homeowners and even better if offered

through HI.


Steven Davies:)

Is it not available in Canada? If not, I will start one in Canada.

Hi, Nick I’m interested in a membership with American Home Warranty but I’m concern with the liablity that I may occur. I’ve heard alot of negative comments for example “American Home Warranty’s are only good from the date of the inspection until closing when the home owner move in American Home Warranty won’t honor the warranty”. Do you know if this is true.
Antwine Riggs

Seems alot of inspectors here use them. Wonder why no one is answering?

What is the cost per inspection ?

I think it is $15.