NACHI National "On-Line" Chapter Presents: Building Codes

Are you a member of the NACHI National “On-Line” Chapter. Will you be missing out on great information such as this link below.

Well actually you won’t be. It will be released sooner or later to all, but NACHI National “On-Line” members will get it first. Will you be one of the first.

The Link below is a great source for Building Codes that are in effect for your state. It includes the Offices, Telephone, etc. of those tasked with the enforcement of codes in your state. Enjoy and consider joining the NACHI National “On-Line” Chapter at . Over 135 members strong and growing.

John, what is National?


Sorry about that. Here is the link. I’ll correct the other one also.

John, what is this for continuing ed?

I don’t see a price either, is it free?


Here is a STUCCO Troubleshooting Guide posted earlier today in the Exterior Section.


Please go back and reread the site. $5.00 to join. Should have been $50.00. You must have glanced over everything. This is nothing more than a Chapter like any other chapter, except it will be completely on-line.

Some training will be free and some will have a cost. Depends on the Instructor and their needs. Right now I am checking out templates and programs to put the chapter site on. This temporary generic site that NACHI has will not due. If I had only forseen we would have set the administrative fee higher. Initial costs for set up are nearing the $3,000.00 mark just for basic stuff.

Definitely looking for some help on this if we have any experts out there that can help. Apparantly NACHI IT personnel are either too busy or not interested. No big deal…We can get it done.