NACHI National Chapter

The NACHI National Chapter is now open for business. Are you an inspector who has a tough time making regular meetings or live too far from an active chapter. Well the answer to your delima is in the works.

Announcing the NACHI National Chapter an on-line interactive chapter with plans of offering:

  • On-Line interactive training/seminars.
  • Direct links and availability to systems experts.
  • Codes, codes, and more codes.
  • Technical papers and definitions.
  • Tricks and tips of the Home Inspection Trade.
  • Marketing
  • Demographics for your area.
  • ADVERTISING opportunities and assistance.
    *]and much, much, more.
    Call now and join the newest and most exciting On-line chapter. To join contact NACHI’s Executive Director, John Bowman @ or NACHI Staff Member, Jackie Young @

Fantastic response so far. Here is an example of what is coming up or in the works…

  1. Currently the NACHI National Chapter is working on a 2 hour interactive presentation and learning seminar on Indoor Air Quality, and HVAC - Steam Heating. Both presentations will be available to 25 to 30 individuals at a time.

These presentations will be accomplished via internet. No special equipment or other periphials will be needed. All systems of connections whether dial-up or dsl, work with this new innovation.

  1. INFO on demand… I have donated an IBM Telefax system to the Chapter. Any member of the National Chapter will be able to simply call this line and punch in an additional number to get a InfoFax sent to them automatically. Information/Tip Sheets you name it will be available. I believe it holds up to 99 different documents. More info to follow. (Caution: The machine hasn’t been hooked up in quite awhile, hopefully it still works).

  2. An initial one time administration fee will be imposed to give the chapter a little operating fund. Does $5.00 sound all right to everyone?

Stay tuned much, much, more coming. PS…There is no rule that says you can’t belong to more than one chapter.

John, I’m on board - it’s another way I can be better informed to help members.
Great work!

This is such a great addition John! Having online classes like this will be a tremendous benefit to our members without a nearby chapter.

Thanks for taking the educational benefits of NACHI even further and for finding a way to make the knowledge truly available to everyone!

Growing by the hour. Come on everyone join in to what will be the best on-line chapter in the world. :smiley: (Sound like Nick, don’t I). Tell you what, I’ll get you an additional discount on the NACHI ID Badge. To the next 5,000 members who sign up, I’ll give you an additional 50% off the ID Card. :smiley: :smiley:

So John, would you say that this is an industry “first”?

Seems like this is another NACHI bennie that’s worth the price of admission alone!

Gee I signed up before the cost was mentioned does that mean I still have to pay.

Roy Cooke sr .
Thanks John Great idea $5:00 bucks what a deal .
With you all the way
Your northern buddy Roy sr

Add me to the roster, please!


You are in the area for the Chicago Chapter, aren’t you.

Please excuse me if I am mistaken, but doesn’t this new National Chapter apply only to inspectors who are not near a regular chapter?

If not, can I join? :mrgreen:


We don’t need no stinkin’ badges…:bandit:

Very funny :smiley: :roll:


I am indeed in the area of the Chicago chapter…I just can’t make the Chapter meetings most of the time.


Hey everyone,

Any NACHI member can join. There is no rule that stipulates that you can’t belong to more than one chapter. In fact, if you want to, you can join 100 chapters.

The home office for the NACHI National Chapter will be operated from Elmira, NY. We have three coordinators at present. Myself, Rick Bates, and Jackie Young. Megan Boswell (NACHI Staff) and Mike Capalupo (President, NY FingerLakes Chapter) are also involved.

For those interested a $5.00 Administration Fee is established. This fee will be applied towards our first on-line interactive training seminar in which Mr. Rick Bates is planned to be our first on-line instructor. Mr. Bates is already familiar with the system and has utilized it several times presenting his Indoor Air Quality seminars to Fortune 500 companys all over the US and Canada.

For Schools, instructors, vendors, etc. that may be interested, please contact us for coordination.

Any LOGO designers out there interested in preparing us a Logo?
How about Strategic Planning? Anyone interested in attempting this daunting task for this Chapter.


Absolutely an industry “first”. The response is unbelievable (10 more processed this morning) and we haven’t even sent out an email announcing it yet.

This is a benefit that will be bigger than the ADRS, & E&O Insurance Programs put together. :smiley: :smiley:


Please send an email with all of your contact information to Jackie is compiling the list of NACHI National Chapter members.


I tried to call but your email didn’t ring so I hung up. I’ll try again later.:roll:

I sent you an email to join. You mention that the admin fee will applied toward the training seminars. Can you give us an idea of what those costs might be?

Anyone interested in handling the duties as Treasurer of the NACHI National Chapter?

Send your interests and qualifications to me.

We have announced the NACHI National Chapter through e-mail today to our Every Inspector database.

The Chapter Website is updated and can be referenced for future announcements, sign ups, seminars, and info.

Stay tuned to the site for updates.

As Seminar dates are determined they will be posted on this Chapter site as well as “Upcoming Events” and “What New” pages of the NACHI Site, and they will be announced via e-mail.


Just let me know if you got "electrical " needs…:slight_smile:


Have Quickbooks Pro (not to mention a CPA wife) and will travel.

I also know how to count (especially if I take off my shoes and sox. MUCH easier that way.) :mrgreen:

Let me know if you need me.