NACHI Nickel Donation Site for those taking advantage of the RE Mailing List

What a great deal, you get something that has real value and your payment for it goes to “Nachi Nickels”, a non-profit organization started by several of your brother and sister home inspectors in Florida for the sole purpose of helping fellow inspectors and their families with basic living needs during times of crisis.

In addition to your donation helping a Nachi Nickel recipient one day, you get to write it off, as it is Tax Deductible.

If you have taken advantage of my free offer to provide Realtor mailing lists and now wish to make your donation to Nachi Nickels as per your commitment to me, you can pay via PayPal at the following site:

You can pay the entire amount using the ‘Donate’ Button or you can pay it off at $5, or $10 a month using the ‘Subscribe’ Button.

If you would rather pay by check, please send your check to me and I will make the donation in your name. Please fill out your payment envelope and check exactly as below.

Bruce Gregory
Mailing List for Nachi Nickels
240 5th Street
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660

P.S. I can’t send you your file(s) until you send your email address to: and I will get your database right out to you.

Bruce you just showed up and started making NACHI even a better organization. 97 post and everyone of value. I look forward to meeting you.:smiley:

You are most kind Curtis,

Hey Bruce! You Rock! Do you want me to send you notification as payments are made into the Nachi Nickels account?

That would be great Michelle. So far I have only sent the databases to three people, as no one else has written me tp finalpeek. In fact do you know what counties John wanted as I have somehow missed his response.


Yes. John would like Brevard. And, I can tell you I just received Russ Hensel’s promised donation of $150.00. :slight_smile:

Bruce, Tom Hession just donated his funds. His burden was 45.37 and he donated $50.00.

Thanks Michelle, I just sent the file

i am interested Bruce. Palm Beach County. Just sent you an email

Thank you Preston. Your file is on its way, more than 20,000 listings and over 600 pages, plenty of reading when you have nothing better to do. :stuck_out_tongue:

And a special thanks for your pledge of $150 to Nachi Nickels I know it will be greatly appreciated.

Bruce Gregory, InterNACHI Certified HI# 10120503
Florida Home Inspector 1167, Florida Mold Assessor 450
“Age is a state of mind, however not yet a state of mine”. bg

very much!!! - thank you!

Big thank you to Chris Thomas who just ordered over 57000 listings generating a nice contribution to Nachi Nickels of 269.34.

What a great group.

BTW, if anyone would rather have your list printed on mailing labels the cost is only $ .05 cents per label, 30 per sheet of high quality labels.
What a deal, a nickel-a-label towards a Nachi Nickel.
Cost does not include Priority Mail Shipping

Bruce Gregory, InterNACHI Certified HI# 10120503
Florida Home Inspector 1167, Florida Mold Assessor 450
“Age is a state of mind, however not yet a state of mine”. bg

Happy to help. I just sent a $300 donation to Nachi Nickels. Thanks for the list!

Thanks Chris :o) It has already been received.

I hope that Nachi Nickels never has to pay out any money!

Us Too! But, we all have heard of inspectors who have been injured and then had to try and find a way to provide for their family.

This is a great way to have that little bit of “something” when you might need it most. (For those who have contributed something of course)

Just received 41.36 from Paul Maggiore. THANKS PAUL!!

And there is more on the way from a couple of others.


Thank you to Angie Spencer who donated $60.00!!

I will be sending my Nickels shortly, thanks Bruce for the hard work and for a good cause.