Nachi Table Skirts

I hope everyone has seen another great membership benefit of NACHI -trade expo tablecloths-

We have just received 25 and are sending them out like crazy. If you are interested in one please let me know the date of the event. We are sending the cloths out on loan only since there are so many upcoming events happening we need to spread them out to as many places as possible. Advance notice is great!:smiley:

Hi Lisa,

Waiting to hear back from Nick, but if I am doing the fair here I’ll need one of the cloths as well as the backdrop.

It will be beginning of September. Thanks!

Can you send me out an email to:

I have a lot of people responding and want to make sure I remember everyone!


Shipping 25 today:

Lisa and Nick, Got mind yesterday for the Fairfield County Realtors Trade show. Table cloth looks great. Thanks for all of your help. I just got my list of vendors today and I see that ASHI is going to be there also. Judging from the line up on the list, I would say that some one called them and told them that NACHI was going to be there. I was at the top of the list and ASHI was next to last. “GO NACHI”


I was a featured speaker and exhibiter, today, at the Chicago Area LaTip meeting, held at the prestegious Chicago Athletic Club. LaTip is a networking group and this meeting included all the Chicago area LaTip Chapters and many new guests.

Presented my new Power Point ‘10 Top Defects found in New Construction Homes’. Many people saw it and I handed out the ‘3 deadly mistakes’ brochure to a large numbers of Realty Brokers (the loved the concept) Mortgage Brokers, RE lawyers and a number of investment advisors. Had 3 requests to be a part of ‘new buyers’ and ‘investment buyers’ seminars.

I also handed out my brochure, as well as the brochures of 8 other Chicago Chapter NACHI Chapter inspectors.

A big hit was a demo of thermography inspections. Everyone had fun looking at pictures of themselves (Projected on the screen) and of regular and thermographic images of defects, side by side.

As I have said before: A winning strategy is to ‘market’ NACHI (about 80-85%) and sell yourself (about 15-20%). No one likes an ‘infomercial’. But they do enjoy being educated and entertained. Combine education with interesting stories and ‘funny’ pictures and you have a winning combination.

Hope this helps.

I could not agree with you any more than you have stated. I just got back from the Fairfield Realtors Trade Show tonight. The table skirts was a REAL big draw getter for me. I could not ask for any better. 225 to 250 realtors,bankers etc. attended. I think it was a real eye opener for them. That there is a NEW org in town other than 20 year ASHI, and 10 year NAHI.
By the way Will, They love the Top 10 Problem cd. I am working on the new structure power point for the new one to come out. Keep your eyes open for the photos of the trade show. :smiley:

Congrats - you guys are rocking right along!!!

Nick, Russel, Mark, at al.

Could someone give me a web site address or e-mail address where I can send some big attachments (like these power points) for ditribution to all NACHI members.

We did it with ‘Top Ten Defects found by Home Inspectors’. I have about 6 more. Free.

Someone at National, please give me an address (or snail mail address). I will send a CD, if need be.

These should be avalable for free member download.

Please Note: State approved CE courses, or pending state legal requirments, and their Power Points, are a special case. Because of state legal requirements, they are limited as to distribution. You see the situation.

Hope this helps;

Hey, Will, NHQ has a complete mailing list but I think it includes some non-members, too.
Best person to check with (aside from Chris) would probably be Lisa. Note that she’ll be doing an Expo in Miami next few days, so it may be next week before she can act upon it . . .

Meanwhile, thanks for grinding them out!! This would be a nice thing to hand out in MI next month; maybe Jason Sieg could make some copies for his kickoff meeting.
Michael Saxton, too, in MN is starting one up in a couple weeks.

Let me know where I can down load them and I will start burning copies for the chapter meeting.

Great Lakes - East Chapter Meeting reminder… Friday, June 9, 2006

Me too, me too! Nothing in Access though. I have figured out I don’t have access and can’t afford it either. :frowning:

Thanks for the quick shipping back on the cloth Mark, I got it today. Even with the huge response for the cloths, if all members who borrow them can ship them back as quick, everyone will definately get one…

I’ve also started including “prepaid” fedex return labels!!!:slight_smile:

Now you are suppling the return Fedx. Oh well, it was still worth the price for the use of the table cloth. :smiley:

Gee whiz Lisa! That totally sweetens the deal!

Anyone know where my shirt is?

I have about three different things from NACHI that haven’t ever got to my mailbox. I’m getting worried. :frowning: