NACHI booth skirts & supplies

Thanks to everyone who has decorated their displays with NACHI booth skirts and other booth materials. I have had a lot returned very quickly but also have been awaiting numerous items with no response from the borrowers. With every item I send, I include a pre-paid fedex return label too. If you misplaaced the return label or the item please let me know, I can send out a new label. If you have borrowed any booth items (skirts, displays, signs, etc.) could you please return them once you are finished so other members can get them in time for there events… THANKS;-)

All your borrowers must be ex marines. When they get their hands on something that works, they keep it.

Good thought Larry… I have no problem resending out the cloths if needed again, but I still have a lot of members that need them too as I promised them months prior.:wink:

A great program, and much appreciated - -
Sure is tempting to hang onto them - or order my own - I have 3-4 NACHI events booked in neighboring towns from now to Labor Day!

Russ I’ll send you another out asap. Members can contact me if they need them for an extended period of time, but I want to make sure I have enough to cover those I already promised…:smiley:


Maybe we should print up some more for members to purchase if they want one to keep.

Let’s see how many people would like one so we can get the best price possible.

I’d buy one, in a heart beat. They sure dress up the booths, and add just the touch of professionalism I need.
White, Blue, and maybe that kind of yellow fade from the NACHI logos…:smiley:

In order to get the best price, and be consistent, I would print more of the blue table covers with white printing

I’ll take one.:smiley: :smiley:

Yep. It would make it alot easier to do impromptu presentations that maybe don’t have alot of time for advance planning.

Sounds like a great idea.

They go for what, about $100 each, the last batch of 25, Jay?

I would think you could get much better prices than that if ordered in large quantities. Just takes some shopping around.


You are right on the money. The last order of 25 was $102 each.


You can always find a cheaper price. I have the artwork already done. There isn’t a set up charge. NACHI was pleased with the quality of the table covers and printing.

I’ve used them several times, all over the country; no argument there, Jay!

I’m in the ring for one.

The Atlanta Chapter could use a booth skirt for the Atlanta Board of Realtors Show on 8/23/06. There will be 3500 Realtors attending!
Send to:
Earl Beahm
183 Stoneforest Drive
Woodstock, GA 30189
It must arrive no later than 8/18/06
Let me know if this is possible
My email
Phone: 404-790-3523
Thanks, Earl