NACHI Tips going out to agents.

Are they going out to Secret Agents?:wink:

Looks good.

Just curious - why the ads? Are these sponsored (and thereby keeping any costs down?)

Hey John,

How expensive can it be to send out a mass email from a database that is controlled by NACHI. We’ve got the tech staff in house.

This Looks more like a direct sales spam ad than an informational e-newsletter designed to inform the agents and clients thereby benefiting NACHI and the Membership.

Wonder what the opt out rate is going to be on this one?

I wasn’t clear on if these were going to be sent via mail or email ( not mentioned specifically anywhere.)

Neither is a send out date.

I am also curious to know if these are going to Realtors that we have entered into the database. Nowhere does it mention the company who supposedly sent it.

If it is to be an email, then I would think that it is not appropriate for it to go to any Realtors I have enetered in the database, as it seems to be a sponsored piece or pushing another business (not mine!)

If it is coming from NACHI to my Realtors, without my name, then I think that is an abuse of the information I have entered.

And if it is a postcard or mailer from NACHI, then I do not care.

PS, Will - the name is Joe.:wink:

Sorry Joe,

I was typing and watching my Dodgers beat the Cubs at the same time. I agree with you 100%. I to, hope that my customer/agent portion of the database is not being used for that advertisement. Besides seeing a small NACHI logo and Inspector Seek, about 70% of the visual and or print appears to be about buying business cards or direct mail advertising.

I want more of the other four articles that Nick posted. I do believe agents are interested in inspections. They have to deal with inspections on every transaction. They normally even have to re-negotiate the deal after receiving an inspection. I have agents ask everyday, why do I need a smoke alarm, why is the water heater not installed correctly, what’s an area drain, what’s a french drain, what’s a stucco weep screed, etc… I also don’t understand why we just focus our attention on realtors. More and more of my business comes from past clients or new consumers generated from internet search engines. Let’s send a “Client” friendly e-newsletter each month that will help educate, inform and assist clients and agents alike.

It will provide exposure for NACHI and an additional source of inspection orders for the Membership.

And there’s that **asinine **InspectorSeek right on the font page with its 20 mile default search. Gee whiz…that eliminates inspectors in large cities from doing inspections on the other side of town.

I sure wish NACHI would use the zip codes I was encouraged by NACHI to enter ( That was a big sell to me when I joined and it is useless because NACHI is stuck on that discriminatory InspectorSeek. (I wonder if there is a business relationship there we don’t know about?)

I’ve no idea how these are being presented to agents, but the concept of cross-marketing is both intriguing and successful.
Just as arch supports are sold in both the pharmacy and shoe sections.
By insinuating NACHIisms into a printing ad, we get more overt and covert exposure; good work!
(now, just catch the wrong spelling - actually, the wrong word -, first line, second column . . .)

Come on Russ!

Have you seen the complaints on this board from members who are receiving multiple email solicitations from NACHI and all the Vendors? No one likes that stuff. Don’t sell me, just give me some information and I’ll look at your email. Soon as I see your hand moving for my pocket, “Unsubscribe”… Now let’s talk about content, selling business cards and direct mail advertising to real estate agents is like trying to sell water to sparkletts… What’s next? Offering C-21 Gold Blazers at discount prices? How, exactly is that going to put an inspection on my dinner plate?