NACHI.TV Episode 18 Released (Nick,Russ Spriggs & Me)

Episode 18 starring Nick, Russ Spriggs, and myself. We discuss Home Inspector Pro and the new features added in the last 4 months, why Russ Spriggs switched to it and how influencial the InterNACHI community has been in shaping the program. Check it out!!

Let us know what you think!!

I think there is a space after episode???
This link works:

A tie HAL?

I capitalized the E, fixed now, thanks!

I went more casual in the last episode so thought I would wear a tie in this one. Looks pretty long when I sit down though! Plus, HAL always wanted to be more human, or thought he was.

Dominic, your link does not work in the original post #1 still, you can’t copy it from another editor, you have to type the link out, unfortunately, and you can’t fix it without deleting the incorrect hyperlink first.

Great promo guys What did Russ have under his shirt appeared to be a large dinner belt or was that just good table muscles.:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Get to try your updates on a 3K+ home tomorrow I really like the bullets

Thanks Nick, I fixed the link.

Charley, good luck on the 3k home, let me know how it turns out! And uhh, ask Russ about what’s under his shirt :slight_smile:

Nick you need the coconut.

I’ll work it into the next show :stuck_out_tongue: .

Thanx Russ for you insight on how easy it really is. I fiqure if you can modify the template I sure can…LOL I am working on a system by system template modfied from Charly’s. I will post it at soon. My new site that I won from Dominic is coming along. Its amazing how I ask for a new module or a new whiz bang thingy and he makes it happen quick… I am learning alot too.


Be nice, Chuck-
That’s my living monument to John Wayne.
:wink: :smiley: :shock:

Glad to help, Scott- Great meeting there in the Springs - I’m looking forward to my next visit (maybe bump it north a bit, to Castle Rock, I used to hold meetings there to pick up Denver members).
Yep, DM is definitely a whizbangthingy kinda guy!

The coconut is the best part…:wink:

Yeah I was looking forward to ducking when it came toward me so Russ would get hit this time. But we ended up doing 5 shows and things were so hectic, we forgot. Maybe next time Nick can use 2 coconuts :slight_smile: