I've agreed to host a new national cable TV inspector show series based on NACHI.TV.

I’ve agreed to host a new national cable TV show based on www.nachi.tv (but with an all new title and format) in return for each episode containing one ad that advises consumer viewers to use only InterNACHI certified inspectors.


InterNACHI … in every living room… yes!!!

which show? what cable network? where can it be seen? which cable system will be broadcasting it?

Will it be on late night TV.

Ooh…Nick at Nite TV


Will this be shown in Canadian homes?



sounds like a winner in every home…

Nice work …Nick …Congradulations, can’t wait to see it on TV

Good news Nick. Another benefit to NACHI members.:slight_smile:


You appear to be nimble as ever, always pushing the envelope, frieking out the other associations, man you crack me up. Well done, this is gonna piss some people off tremendously, and like I told you, anything that shakes up the industry is never all bad, or all good, I can’t wait to see it. Sign me up!!

Nick maybe you can interview those foxy squeegy girls who ply their trade at Home Depot? :mrgreen: :shock: