NACHI TV is Great!!! But who chose the Music??

The NACHI TV clips added to the website are a great new addition… The information is awesome for all inspectors.

Who chose the MUSIC??? ha! It does remind me of 70’s style Porno music???ha! ha! ha!

Just wondered if some of you out there thought the same…

If you watch the early episodes you’ll catch that it was originally meant to be a spoof on the Johnny Carson era tonight show… desk and all. 70’s porn used more bad guitar with absolutely no phrasing whatsoever, but I wouldn’t know for sure :roll: . NACHI.TV’s theme song is the reverse, so much phrasing that it is almost a jingle. I can’t get it out of my head.

I asked the same thing some time back! I was thinking more of a Pink Floyd style intro! :smiley:

I always thought it sounded like a game show.
Cheesy, but fun.

I wish they would skip the intro myself and get right to the main feature.

The music is fine… it actually grows on you, you expect to hear it for every episode… ha! And yes, it gets trapped in my head too! I HEAR IT NOW!!! :slight_smile:

Oh no! Come back! Fight its power!

That damn music, does stick in your head.